Monday, September 14, 2009

My Sweet Friend

Meet my dear friend, Nan. Her name is Betty, actually, but I have been known to rename people I am fond of and she is Nan to me. She zooms around the park on a golf cart with the moniker of Nannymobile........hence the name. Just coincidental that her grandchildren call her the same.

This past weekend she had a little get-together at her new site. I was invited.... because I am fun and she loves me! She had quite a spread of food! She came out a day early and made all the preparations for her big to-do.

She has been in the new site for only a week and look! You can't see all the detail, but she has lights strung up that say "Kan-Do"!!! She was forced to leave the little garden I had planted for her in the old site. Not to worry....... I see hostas and day lilies making their way to a new home here in the trees!

Everyone had a great time. There was lots of food and good conversation.

And Nan's granddaughter was there............ She is going to make Nan a great-grandma!!!!! Nan is giving advice and no doubt imparting some sage wisdom to the new mom-to-be.

I am used to seeing Nan at least once a weekend for her required dose of ice-cream. Not this past weekend, though! I am not worried, she will be back in her old routine and I will hear the whirring of her golf cart...... I better go check my stock of ice cream!


Kathy G said...

What a nice story! How many long-term campers do you have?

ellen abbott said...

OK so now I want to know why she moved to a new site, forced to leave her little garden.

Pat said...

She looks like a nice woman, and that looks like a beautiful site. Pass me a plate of food, yes?

Rae said...

She sounds like a delight to be around. It is wonderful to have good friends. You must be an exceptional person too for her to hold you in such high regard.

Meggie said...

Lovely post Kathy!

SJT said...

It looks like a fun party. What an adorable lady.

The Good Cook said...

What a lovely neighborhood.

On another note, we haven't heard of any of your less "fun" campers... are you censoring yourself?

Kathy's Klothesline said...

I have about 2 dozen seasonal campers who keep their rigs here year round. It is nice to see them week to week and get to know them. Nan wasn't forced to move, but wanted to. A new site became available for a camper that wouldn't be pulling in and out. She fit the bill and the new site has more space and a nice cement patio. She is a much loved member of our little "community". Come on by and we will certainly share our food and fellowship with you all!

As for anonymous..... it has been quiet lately. We all joke about it from time to time. It would appear that this person(s) only made herself look like an ass and didn't really impact me so much as she wanted to. No, I am not editing myself. Soon as something stupid happens that annoys me I will be posting it.