Sunday, April 19, 2009

Thinking about my Grandchildren

It is raining....again. Love of my life is at work and the store is closed for the evening. I am missing my kids and their kids. I was scrolling through pictures and found one of my favorite of me and Maya. She was only two here. She will be going to kindergarten this fall. Seems like just yesterday I was holding her.... and in a fit of insanity, rolling her hair. Looks cute in the rollers, not so much when we took them out. Let's just say that maybe we shouldn't try this again. But, it made her happy; just look at that sweet face.

Look at me--what was I thinking with that hair color? I was really into covering the gray and got a little adventurous with colors. I have let all the color grow out and am now sporting my natural mousy brown streaked with gray hair. No wonder I got that senior discount.....

Friday was an absolutely gorgeous day with the promise of Spring in the air. I felt energized and ready to tackle all my out door projects. When I got up before the sun on Saturday it was raining steadily---still is. Spent the whole weekend indoors. I got a lot of sewing done, but little else. Love of my life played with plumbing all day Saturday, then we had a lovely dinner with our friends.

While I was on the phone with the gentleman trying to cancel a reservation without providing a name Friday evening I heard a rig pull in. After hanging up I stuck my head out the door and saw that they had taken a check-in packet. I was longing for sleep and went on to bed. When Drew came in I woke up and he asked if I had checked in anyone. Told him that I had not checked the drop box. He decided he was too tired to check it and we both went to sleep. I slept! I slept until around 5:00, took out the dogs and went back to sleep until 9:00. The big motor home that was towing a car and had a truck parked behind them was gone---and there was nothing in the drop box.

I paid for that sleep. This happens a lot. I hate to go banging on the door of an RV and ask to see their registration. I usually wait until I see them unhooking and getting ready to leave. Actually I prefer that Drew go collect the money. One incident stands out in mind. It was our second season and I was feeling bold that morning. I had gotten up early and checked the box and I watched for signs of awakening. I guess I could have woken them up, but that would be rude. The man was unhooking the water hose when I approached him and asked to see his registration. He accused me of trying to charge him twice. He told me that he had put the form in the drop box and had not kept the customer receipt. "I knew this was gonna happen! You people are running a scam here! I left my credit card number and now you are going to charge me again." He immediately put me in a defensive mode. He was following me back to the office and I stopped to check the drop box again before he came in. He presented his credit card and I completed the transaction, all the while listening to this jerk tell me how I needed to run my business. Before he left, he once again insisted that he had put the registration in the box and wanted me to check it "one more time". I did. The jerk had dropped it in as he came into the office. "See, I knew you were pulling a scam!" I took the registration and ripped it into small pieces and handed it to him and told him to have a nice trip.

I need to say here that the drop box is directly under the outside light--has to be so the late arrival can see to register. So there is an opening to put the form in. Bugs that are attracted to the light also go into the box. I HATE sticking my hand in that box. I HATE fumbling around a bunch of dead, and sometimes live bugs looking for an envelope that isn't even there. I have figured it out. They take the check-in packet and fill out the registration. They hold onto it and if they aren't challenged they simply drive away the next morning having stolen a free night. If they do get caught, they simply say they were going to pay before they left. Or they go bonkers and accuse me of wrong-doing.

But, I have slept two nights in a row; life is good.......


Faithful said...

What a doll of a grandchild you have there. I love the rollers! It is so hard be away from your grandkids for very long. Thanks for stopping by my place. ~kay~

Barbara said...

I love the picture and I like your hair color! You both look beautiful.

Lover of Life said...

Your granddaughter is adorable.

Nothing worse than dishonest people, in my opinion.

Hit 40 said...

My sister is freaking out with about the same thing with.... girl scout parents!!!

She wanted me to do a post on it for her.

Folks can just be so rude!! I just think to myself bad karma to you. And... they usually do get the bad karma.

Andrea said...

Everyday is an adventure for you - I'm jealous. And damn, you look great in rollers!

Eddie Bluelights said...

Hi Kathy
It's late and I'm popping to bed soon but I just wanted to thank you for signing up as a follower. I'll return tomorrow to read this post and hopefully some others. Eddie

Hit 40 said...

Careful! I tagged you. Check my blog.

Kathy's Klothesline said...

Faithful-thank you, I agree, she is a little doll.

Barbara-thanks. Compliments are always welcome!

LOL- Sad, but they probably don't feel they have done anything wrong.

Hit 40- You are right about that karma!

Andrea-the hair looks better in the rollers than out!

Eddie-drop by anytime.

lovelyprism said...

Some people just have to see if they can get away with something. I swear it's part of their general dna profile lol.