Monday, April 27, 2009

Orange Juice Anyone?

I lie here in my bed on the edge of sleep, trying to remember my dream. I could hear the gentle rain outside the window and the curtains billowed out now and then with a gentle breeze. I am so glad it is Monday and I am happy that it is raining. The dream comes back to me..... I was peeling an orange. It seemed to take forever as I meticulously peel the rind, then all of the white pith. Then I slowly separate each segment; all the while my mouth is watering. Just as I finally am bringing a portion to my mouth....I wake up. Now I want an orange in the worst way.

I like oranges, but I like other fruits more. My goal this morning was to get an orange. I almost went into the local grocery, but their produce is hit and miss with the freshness factor, so I settled for orange juice. It was good, but nothing like I imagined the orange in my dream would have been. Anticipation............

I am so glad for the steady rain, so good for my garden. But, most important, it will keep love of my life inside until he goes to work. I need only to look at him to see how tired he is. His 'part-time' job is taking it's toll on him. He works the evening shift and gets home before midnight, but seldom gets to sleep that early. Spring is our busiest time of year. All the repairs have to be done and there is little I can do to actually help. To test my patience to the limit the manager schedules him 40 hour weeks now. She knew when she hired him that he only wanted 24 hours a week and that weekends are our busiest time. He has worked at least one day of the last 8 weekends. I have never met the woman, but did call one time when Drew was so sick he couldn't stay far from the bathroom for vomiting. She was just plain rude. She spoke to me as if I weren't quite bright and told me that Drew couldn't call in sick on such short notice. I am quite certain she could hear him hurling in the background. I suppose I was a bit icy when I told her that I didn't realize one could plan when they were going to be sick. I was in my "nice bitch" mode and I was indeed condescending towards her; but, she did earn it. I would love to teach her how to schedule and how to try to keep her employees happy, but Drew won't let me. Of course if I were to happen upon her and she asked..........

I have spent my day running in and out between showers of rain to get flower seeds in the ground. I can see tiny little marigolds poking through the ground already from all the dead heads I toss onto the ground year after year. My potatoes are making great progress and I bet after this day of rain I will see other veggies make their way to the surface. I have several beds of strawberries with tons of blooms and looks like I will have another bumper crop of cherries. I lost one peach tree, but the two remaining are healthy.

The new camera remains an enigma. Every time I sit down and have some little part almost figured out I am interrupted by the store, the phone, or the husband or the dogs. This is not a good time of year to need some quiet down time. I know how to enter the e-mail address, but before I got to actually sending a picture to myself, Wall-E, the wonder dog, knocked over my cup of coffee and I put it all away. Maybe tonight after I lock up.

Fortunately our weekend was unremarkable. One camper was unhappy because I didn't deliver her firewood as quickly as she wanted. I was alone and I hate to constantly call on our friends when they are here to relax and pay us for the privilege to do so. I did lock the store door three times to take the wood and three times I got caught with another customer. I ended up asking Bob (the undertaker) to do my chore after all. I love Bob and Karen, they are my lifesaver when Drew is absent.

I remember the first time I met Bob........ This giant of a man comes into my office to inquire about a seasonal site. I had just had a site become available. It was one of the better sites with a concrete pad and in the front of the park. I asked him about his rig and what his electric needs would be and went over the contract and pricing. I had determined that his camper would not be an eyesore and he wasn't daunted by my price. I don't like to put rif-raf up front to represent what my park is all about. I will admit I was a little concerned when he mentioned motorcycles.

I was standing on the front porch with Bob discussing the pros and cons of the sites I had available when love of my life pulled up in his truck. I don't pay much attention to vehicles, but the truck Bob was driving identified him as having something to do with the coroner's office. The first thing out of Drew's mouth was, "Who died?". And the rest, as they say, is history. They were instant friends, like two long lost brothers. Bob confessed that he really enjoyed mowing grass. Well, we strive to keep our campers happy. Bob mows every weekend. That first year he would come out a day ahead of Karen and mow to his hearts content. I must interject here that he did destroy a couple of mowers. He has more than made up for that by convincing his friend Pat to bring his camper out and occupy the spot next to him. Pat can fix just about anything, all I have to do is ask.

In life you have to take the bad with the good. I have to admit that most of the people who come here and camp are forgettable. They come, they pay, they leave. A few make an impression, and it usually isn't a good one. I complain about them and wonder at times about inter-breeding and such.... But when all is said and done, we have made some wonderful friends here. Life is good.


Hit 40 said...

Excellent that some of the campers pitch in to help you!!!

Schedule a sick day??? I hope she gets sick very soon. Sounds like she needs a dose of bad karma.

Jilly said...

I miss you :(
and now I want an orange

Lover of Life said...

I agree with Hit40! That woman is attracting some bad (sick) karma.

By the way, I have been eating oranges by the crate! For some reason the are absolutely wonderful this year. In fact, I was thinking of peeling one right after I read this post.... great minds think alike!

menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

Great post, your style is so readable and interesting. What a horror that female boss is. A numpty of the first order! Loved the tale about your coroner mate!

lovelyprism said...

How do I get so far behind on my reading? I love my blog reading but I can't seem to sit still inside when it's so nice outside. Funny, you mentioned oranges, my little patio orange tree came today. *yay* As I'm sure you know, we can't grow citrus in Georgia, but you can grow dwarf citrus in a flowerpot if you bring it inside during winter. If it produces I will send you one!

Anonymous said...

I remember that day. The Doctor