Friday, April 3, 2009

Goodbye, Flat Stanley

Flat Stanley is on his way home to Minnesota. Gee, I hope he had fun. He penned a very informative letter to Layla's class about life in the campground. He helped me rescue the first sign of Spring before that last bout of nasty weather. My camera doesn't do the daffodil justice--or Flat Stanley for that matter.
Flat Stanley folded himself in half and slipped into the envelope wearing his new flat clothes. It was a last minute thing and unfortunately I didn't get a picture. He has on jeans, a turtle neck and a jean jacket, all secured to him with velcro. I do love that child!
Love of my life and I actually went out to eat last night! I should qualify this by saying we had a gift card from a camper who stayed for a time. They had a sweet little girl the same size as my granddaughter, Jada. I made her a dress (I was actually trying out the new pattern on her). Anyway......we went out to eat. I actually got to sit down at a table and eat food I didn't prepare and have a conversation that wasn't interrupted by the phone or a customer coming into the store! It is a big deal for me. We have friends that camp with us regularly and we always eat at least one meal together. If we eat here in my house, everyone will pause as I seat myself and pick up my fork, without fail, the buzzer will announce a customer or the phone will ring.
After our dinner we went on a shopping mission for electrical supplies and store stock. I was dropped at WalMart, while he went on to Lowe's. The gutter still lays on the front porch and on his list are the brackets for installation. I raced through the store gathering everything on my list and then some. This was not my regular WalMart and I was delighted to discover a fabric department. I found the cutest pattern for my girls and some fabric on sale. I approach an empty checkout lane....little did I know just how empty headed the clerk was. I put my fabric and pattern (along with some buttons that were clearanced--to feed my button fetish) and told her that I needed to pay for those items separately because the remaining items were tax exempt. She looked at me blankly and then asked if I had a tax exempt card. "I need to see it." she said. Once again I told her that I needed separate tickets and why......she was studying the card. She handed the card back and then said, "You sew? You gonna make this? I wish I could sew. Do you think I could learn how?" all in one breath. I think, probably not, but say, "Sure you could and yes I am going to make that." "Who you gonna make it for?" she asks. I want to be sarcastic and tell her I am making it for myself (it is a child's pattern), but figure it would be lost on her and would take too long to explain so I just answer, "My granddaughter." Finally she proceeds to ring the items up and I pay, she gives me my change and then says, "Where's your card, did I give you your card? I can't find your card! What did I do with your card?" I tell her that I handed it to her and she laid it on the belt in front of my remaining merchandise. "Oh,no, I think the belt done took your card!" While she is frantically searching hither and dither, exclaiming about how she could have done that, I call Drew to see if he has his card and get the number. I try to assure her that it is just a card and they can print me another one and that I know the number. But no, she actually called a supervisor over and wants to dismantle the check out station to retrieve my card! The CSM and I exchange a knowing look and he tells her that all she needs to do is enter the number I give her. She does. Then she asks me if my name is 'Candy'. I answer no without further explanation. "Well, it says candy on the computer for this number." "It should say 'Kan-Do RV Park' " I say. She then spells out 'K' 'A' 'N' .......... well you get the idea. She begins ringing up the items, most of them for the upcoming pool season, then stops to ask me if I know how to swim!!!!!!! She doesn't and she wants to know if I think she could learn how......... I squelch the urge to give my opinion that I am wondering how she even knows to get up in the morning. "Sure, you could." I tell her as the man in line behind me raises his brows. She finally has a total for me, I remind her that I have some coupons to redeem. "You can't use coupons and a tax exempt card!" Did I really think it would be easy? "Sure you can, I do it all the time." I tell the dimwit. "No, I don't think you can." she says. "Well, why don't you simply scan them...if it is not allowed the computer won't accept them." Once again she calls for the CSM and is told to just scan the coupons and finish the transaction so that the customer can go.
It could have been worse, I suppose............ I could have been the CSM. What do you want to bet that her cash drawer doesn't balance.....ever.


scarlethue said...

Poor thing. I'm glad that people with mental disabilities like her have a job, and I'm proud of the people that hire them. That said, our local grocer has a particular clerk that's like that, and I make a point not to get in her line, especially if I'm in a hurry. Now there's a bagger that's the same way and he's as sweet and hardworking as he can be. You just never know, same as with the general population I guess.

Jilly said...

Layla is SO excited for Flat Stanley to come back. She gets to share in front of the class and she knows hers will be the best! I'll try to be there that day and take pics. I'll post them on my blog.

Andrea said...

OMG, it's like you went to Walmart Hell!

I'm glad you and Flat Stanley had such a nice visit together. I wonder if he'll be back next year?

Lover of Life said...

You are going to miss Flat Stanley. Our Flat Stanley stays with us this month. He needs to be back by May 4th. We're thinking he may need a trip to the coast. After all - anything for Flat!

lovelyprism said...

Oh my gosh... he dropped you at the Wal-Mart in my town?!
My 17 year old daughter can't get a job because she has no prior experience. Every time we run into a cashier like that she gapes at me and says "And I can't get a job". Sometimes you just have to laugh.

Lover of Life said...

I have passed an award on to you - which you can pick up on my blog - please choose either one as they have the same text. Thanks for having such a wonderful view of life - I really enjoy your blog!