Thursday, February 4, 2021

Service and Parts

 As is often the case, HeWho had his phone on speaker. He was calling, looking for the part to fix the hydraulic lifts that stabilize the motor home. He called Camping World and asked for the parts department. " I need the parts department." says HeWho. A perky friendly voice says she will connect him. "Service and parts, this is so and so, how can I help you." HeWho asks if he can look up a part to see if it is in stock. "No, we only do service."

Made me feel confused. Did he not just say "service and PARTS"? He was nice enough to transfer the call and that is how we discovered that the part had to be ordered and no timeline for when the part would arrive. New plan is to rebuild the old part. No timeline on that either. I just wanted a short get away.

Now that I have completely unloaded and transferred all of our stuff from the Class C into the newer motor home and am itching to leave ... We could go anyway, who says we need to be level?

Another delaying factor is that I have registered us for the Covid vaccine. My luck would have us getting a notice for the next day and we would be 2 days away.

So, here I sit, watching the swirling snow out the window with the sleeping dogs piled up around me. Yesterday was lovely, the sun was shining and the weather was mild. I didn't even need a jacket. I bathed two dogs while the 3rd load of laundry was drying. Then I showered and headed to the grocery for a much needed re-supply of staples and fresh veggies. Normally I complete this task in a brisk manner, but I went up and down each aisle and found things I didn't even know I wanted until I saw them. My haul barely fit into one cart and my new car has a small trunk. I filled it to capacity with two bags left for the front seat.

I came home thinking I would be able to get the Christmas lights down and put away. HeWho is good about bringing the groceries in, not so much in putting them away. He did help with the frozen stuff, but I had to show him how I wanted it done, knowing he would just dump it all in the ice cream freezer in the store all willy-nilly. I have it sectioned off for different items and I like to rotate my stock while I am putting things away. Same with the canned goods.

He was hungry and I was hungry, so instead of following my better instincts and taking the lights down and at least bringing them in to be properly stored, I cooked. It was getting chillier and dark and I was tired by the time we ate. The lights are still out there. Yes, I know it is February! They aren't plugged in! If it keeps snowing I might venture out and plug them back in, though.

The dreary gray sky is depressing and I have no incentive to get up and do anything. I think I will just follow Cujo's lead and take a nap.


Joanne Noragon said...

Naps are good, too. Especially when it's snowing.

River said...

Naps are always good. Leave the Christmas lights where they are , you'll only have to put them back up in December if you take them down now.

Linda O'Connell said...

Hope you get that part fixed for the motor home. I know you need to get away. Then again, take your cue from the pups, curl up, and take a snooze.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Serive and parts are not together so why is it service & parts and not just serive if parts is a different sectiom.

Marla said...

Snow and naps. I miss those days.