Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Bad Night, Bad Day

 Cujo here. Well, I knew that kennel was too good to be true! HE SLEPT IN OUR BED LAST NIGHT!

I know! It was awful. Mom puts his special blankets in the dryer before we go to bed. He has a nice warm bed all to himself, so why did he start whining last night? Who cares if he whines a little? Mom, that's who!

Dad says to Mom, "Put him in bed with us, he will be good." How would Dad know who was good or bad? He goes to sleep and never wakes up. One night Eddie even threw up in the bed and Dad never noticed. Even when Mom turned the light on and cleaned it up.

So, Mom put the evil puppy in our bed. Right away I knew it was a bad idea. Toni was NOT happy. She let every one know. She growled and snarled at Bo. Dad shushed her and he decided he would cuddle Bo next to him. Bo does not cuddle! Everybody knows this to be a fact. He only lets Mom hold him when HE decides he wants her to hold him.

Dad managed to hold Bo for just a few minutes before Bo did zoomies all over the bed. Eddie was quite upset. Our bed is the only place that Eddie can relax without worrying that Bo will tackle him and lick his ears .... and chew on his fur and scratch him and bite him. Like I said before, Eddie is just too nice. Eddie ran to Mom and scooted under the covers, hoping Bo didn't see him. I was right next to him.

Dad kept telling Bo "NO". If you are around Bo you will hear the word "NO" a lot. Bo doesn't listen to Dad. None of us dogs listen to him. Except for Toni, she does, but she does what she wants anyway. Bo just jumped down and ran out of the room. He came back and jumped up into the bed. He finally settled on Mom's feet and fell asleep. 

Mom says he looks angelic when he is sleeping. I do not agree. We all went to sleep. For awhile, then Bo woke and decided to try to play with Toni. Toni barked and woke Mom. Dad grunted and pretended he didn't hear all the shenanigans going on around him. Mom kept her eyes closed, too. She whispered to me that the entire mess was Dad's fault. We all waited and Bo finally went back to Mom's feet and settled down.

He was awake one more time before he finally got Mom up at 7 in the morning. Mom was not happy. It was snowing again and she wanted to sleep another hour. She got up, though, and took us out. She left the gate open. This means she was thinking of going back to bed. She didn't. Bo was too energetic. But I took advantage of the open gate and slipped into the bedroom. 

I have a confession. I pooped on the floor where Dad stands up when he gets out of bed. I was hoping he would step in it. He didn't, but he cleaned it up and told on me. Mom said I was being spiteful! That hurt my feelings! I did it for her to get back at Dad! 

So, not only did we have a bad night, I got in trouble with Mom and we had a bad day. Well, I had a bad day. Mom was all full of energy and she moved the furniture and cleaned and put boards on the wall with a hammer. She used that saw that Dad told her not to use and she cut the wood and nailed it. Then she painted it. Then she cleaned again with the vacuum. All this stuff is loud and annoying. I barely got any napping done. I found it all distressing. 

Mom washed all of Bo's bedding and blankets. She said they were smelling doggy. What did she think they should smell like? It is bedtime and this stuff is still in the dryer. I hope it is dry soon and that Bo will be sleeping in his kennel tonight. I just don't think I can take much more! It has been a disturbing 24 hours!


River said...

It does sound as if the 24 were really bad, I hope things settle down soon and Bo learns to sleep all night without wanting to play.
P.S. pooping in the bedroom is not nice, no matter how you feel about things.

Val said...

How thoughtful of you, Cujo, to poop under Dad's feet as a favor to Mom!

Linda O'Connell said...

Poor Cujo has been displaced. This is an adventure in how to annoy Dad. How on earth do you get any sleep in that bed? I love their voices. Sick of snow, it has to go!

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

That would be so annoying having to share the bed

Joanne Noragon said...

Cujo, I admire your pluck and spuck and hope things get more normal, soon.

Marla said...

Love it! You're a wonderful writer, Cujo.