Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Meet the Dwarfs

These dwarfs are from a collection that Dollar General had a few years ago. These are all that was left when HeWho remembered to get them for me. They have been hanging out in one garden or another since. They were pretty faded, so I spruced them up a bit and gave them a bandstand with a nice tin roof. You can see some other dwarfs in various states of being completed on the fence behind them. Fence boards are hard to paint details on. Like faces and clothes. I find the best way to get to the low spots is to kneel on the ground. 

I am of an age that makes kneeling difficult. My knees ache and though it is easy to get down to my knees, getting back up is not pretty! This is going to take some time ...

He was easy to paint. I was sitting at my desk. It was quite painless.

The well turned out pretty good. I still need to add the hinges and door handle to the green door on the pink house. It occurred to me that I could actually get water to the well, see the hose on the ground? It is usually hidden with ground cover.

This one of the dwarfs I painted on the fence. I still need to outline him properly. On my knees, leaning in, with my left hand holding the fence for balance while I try to keep my right hand steady. Fun.

 A long view. I just realized that my road looks more like s weird tree. Maybe I should paint it gray and put some yellow lines down the middle. I will be adding the shingles to the pink house tomorrow. That's my plan. I might do a gray on the road first. And detail some more dwarfs. Maybe.

Who knows what tomorrow will bring?


River said...

I thought the road was a tree and wondered if you were going to thicken the branches and make a treehouse village. I LOVE the dwarf musicians and how they all have different faces. the dwarfs/gnomes I see now all have exactly the same face and shape, only their clothes are different colours, they're all made from the one cheap mould :(
Yours are beautiful :)

Linda O'Connell said...

Now that is my idea of work and play. I like your artistic designs and i'm certain small campers do, too.

Kathy G said...

I agree with River that that the road looks like a tree. Since it's your creation you get to decide what you want to do with it. Whatever it is the outcome will be wonderful.