Monday, April 16, 2018

Still Painting and Watching Vet Shows

I like to paint, I like the fact that you can see the results right away. That being said, I have grown tired of painting.

Yesterday was a day of great accomplishments. I painted the ceiling in the hallway and started the walls. As I sat in my chair, covered in canine warmth (it snowed yesterday), admiring my work and scolding Charming Eddie for getting down and then wanting to get right back up in my lap ..... I moved my left arm to make way for the recliner to go down and then scoop up the not so charming Eddie. Pain shot through me like I had been struck by lightning.

I cannot tell you what I actually did to cause the pain. I gasped and tears ran down my face, causing Eddie to climb up my chest to lick the tears and comfort me. I thought it might ease off if I just sat really still, but that didn't happen. Too bad the dogs can't fetch Tylenol. It is that left shoulder again. I don't know why it hurts, since I am right handed and that arm got the work-out.

Sleep was elusive. I couldn't seem to get situated in a comfortable position. I took 2 Tylenol and 200 mg. of Ibuprofen. This usually works. It did ease the pain and make it more bearable. I still have to guard that shoulder this morning. I refuse to go to the clinic. I know they will want an MRI and my current insurance will not cover it until the deductible is met. I have not seen a doctor this year. My Medicare kicks in in July. I am strong willed and can hold out until then.

In the meantime .... I decided to swap recliners with HeWho has a very large one that could hold two people, but not unless they were willing to know each other very well. Mine is small and more suited to the size of the room. For two weeks I used his recliner and hated it. I like to sit in a more upright position while I am using my laptop. His recliner had me tilted so far back I had to employ a pillow even with the chair in a non-reclining position. Add to that the fact that I had trouble getting out of it. It did allow the 3 dogs to sprawl quite comfortably and leave plenty of room for me.

I switched the chairs back yesterday. I am glad to report that I am much happier with this chair. The dogs are still trying to arrange themselves in the confines of the chair. Cujo has always claimed the space right next to me. We sit cheek to cheek and I am not talking about kissing cheeks. Wall-E is bigger than Cujo and has now claimed that place. Cujo, not to be out-done, has decided to climb on top of Wall-E's back and then proceed to wiggle down and force him out.

This is quite annoying for me. They growl at each other and show their teeth. They would not dare to bite with me, the alpha master sitting in such close quarters. Eddie claims my lap. He squirms around until he is between my legs, his long, long body extends below my knees while his sweet little head rests upon my belly.

Last night, unable to sleep, I watched a reality show. Dr. K, exotic pet vet. Toni Louise is usually up for vet shows, but she prefers the ones with dogs. This episode was about a tortoise who was egg bound. Really interesting.

On my recent trip to the vet to get all the vaccinations taken care of, the vet asked me if I was aware that Eddie was intact. Why, yes, I am, it is pretty obvious. Well, maybe not so obvious, since he has long silky hair. His little girlfriend is a Shitzu mix with blond hair and an audacious under bite. Eddie wants to father one litter before he loses his manhood. I wanted to call the pups Shithounds, but they already exist as Shiweenies.

I have been told that I cannot keep a puppy. We'll see who falls in love with a little piece of Eddie and Daisy.

What made me think about Eddie being intact was the fact that some exotic animals are really great at hiding their gender. Dr. K was even fooled by one last night. Seems some females have "fancy" parts. She told a story of a male ferret brought in for  neutering. The owners were convinced the ferret was female. When they were shown the male appendage right where it was supposed to be on his belly, they revealed that they thought it was "her" belly button and that they kissed it all the time when they played with "her".

I highly recommend this show, quite entertaining! 


Joanne Noragon said...

I also have a trashed left shoulder. Constant pain. Bone on bone shoulder/arm joint. Will not have shoulder replacement. I always sleep on my back, with two pillows, and my left arm flat on the bed. Including hand. It makes the day start better. For an hour or so.

Val said...

Whew! I almost hurt my own shoulder laughing so hard at the "Shithounds" and the "belly-button kissing!" I'm sorry you are in pain, but you have given my mood a big boost with this tale.

Linda O'Connell said...

My left shoulder has been screaming also. I think it's the weather, although the doctor said it affects women of a certain age. I spat coffee reading your post, and not about the shoulder.

ellen abbott said...

oh ewww. why would anyone want to kiss a ferret's belly button even if that's what it was. both my shoulders were giving me trouble but I decided it was from Minnie resting her head on either of my arms while I type when she lays in my lap. also I changed my bottom arm position when I sleep on either side and both those changes seemed to have helped.