Friday, August 11, 2017

Weekends and Questions

Still having a run of unfortunate events here. I am still battling the poison whatever. Foundation garments make me want to scream and my skin is so dried out, it should start to peel away soon. Sleep is next to impossible without Benadryl. Add a nice glass of white wine and all is well in the world for about 4 hours.

We are completely booked for the Eclipse. The phone seems to be ringing non-stop and I am having to turn folks away. This should make me feel secure, but it doesn't.

I woke to damp cloudy skies this morning. That made me happy. We really need some rain and rain means no swimmers and cancellations ......
This should not make me happy, but it does. I got out the door early and went to the grocery and them to speak to the pharmacist about my rash. I came back with some stuff to cleanse the tender skin with and hopefully stop the spread. We will see.

Before I could even get in the house with my groceries and before I open the store, the first camper pulled in. This does not bode well for my day. I am not in  good frame of mind as I check them in and remind them that check-in is AFTER NOON. I should have added an early check-in fee, but I will make a sign first. Another sign that no-one will read until I point it out to them.

The phone kept me hopping while I was at the grocery and all the way home. Hasn't stopped since. I took a reservation for Oktoberfest and was going about my business when the same party called back to cancel. She informed me that I have "a lot" of bad reviews on line. Two. One was about me not wanting to run a credit card for a $1 purchase and the other one was about my bathrooms "being ok-ish". The woman felt like she needed to cancel and then bring this to my attention. I already knew about them and told her that I don't respond to them. The fact that I am at 75% capacity speaks for itself. Still ..... this did nothing to elevate my mood.

Then I got into a rather lengthy discussion about which side of the camper the hook-ups are on. I never use "right" or "left" when having this discussion. It all depends on perspective when using those terms. The hook-ups are always on the driver's side. Trust me, they are. The passenger side has the door to enter and exit. I promise you, this is true. But .... if you are standing in front of your travel trailer, the hook-ups are on the right side. If you stand behind it, they will be on the left side. Just know that I will definitely have you enter the site so that your hook-ups will be facing my hook-ups. I promise.

"What do you do if it rains?" And, yes, I was asked this question last week. I told her that I go inside. I have been known to stay outside in a gentle rain and garden, but mostly, I just go inside until it stops. Of course that is not what she meant. I do not refund in the event of rain. Oddly enough, I have no control over the weather.

It is only 3:00 and I am longing for bedtime. It is going to be a long, long day. Six more hours.


Linda O'Connell said...

It's a wonder you aren't ready to clobber someone. You have to be irritable with that rash...and those clowns you have to deal with. Hope the weekend gets better for you.

Val said...

I like the idea of an early check-in fee! You might as well get paid for the inconvenience. People need to learn that the world stops revolving around them while in your park.

I'm LOVING the response about going inside when it rains!

roth phallyka said...

Hope the weekend gets better for you.


luksky said...

I never read online reviews. I know there's always two sides of the story, and if I can't read both sides, a one sided review is pointless. I prefer to take my chances and enter an establishment at my own risk and form my own opinion. Hope your skin feels better soon.

Anonymous said...

What did they think would happen if it rains? It rains on lots of events and lots of places. You live with it. Have people always been this crazy or is this something new?