Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Stranger Danger

TGIM ....... Thank God it's Monday. I made it through the weekend in a Benadryl haze. The poison whatever has spread. In order to sleep, I am slathered in Caladryl and taking Benadryl by mouth. It is hard to wake up. Saturday morning I did not wake up until 9:30! Since I am supposed to open at 9:00, this was a bit of a problem.

I had the fastest shower ever and opened at 9:40, hair still wet. I blundered through the day in a fog, as I had to reapply the Caladryl every few hours. I  drank too much coffee and paid for it when bedtime rolled around.

I was more lucid, but still itching Sunday. All this itching and scratching makes me irritable and impatient. So, when a tenant using the laundry facilities, came in to tell me about a vagrant hanging out in the park, I was ready for a confrontation.

I rounded the corner to see a man exiting the restroom. I asked him what he was doing here and he stated that he was using the bathroom in an indignant tone. He had a bicycle with him and I have been told that he has been lurking around for several days, using the facilities and just riding around and sitting around on various sites.

I told him that my facilities were for my tenants and paying guests and that he would need to leave. He informed me that he had no idea this was a private park. On his way out, he stopped to talk to another ne'er do well heading into the park. They both finally left. I alerted HeWho mows that I had spoken to the man.

Shortly after that, it was brought to my attention that bicycle man was standing across the road, watching the park. The man was unkempt and creepy looking. His clothes were filthy and would appear to be his only apparel, as everyone who had seen him said he had the same clothes on for every occasion he was seen here.

I called for a deputy to come out and check the guy out. I can't have strangers hanging out in my park. Two deputies responded and spoke with the man. He told them he was staying with some friends who live "down the road". They told him to stay out of our park and went on their way.

He showed up later, standing across the road and staring at the park. Nothing I can do about that. But, it is creepy. As I told individual long term campers to be on the look-out, I discovered that things have gone missing and odd things have been tampered with.

I have seen him since cycling down the road and giving me the stink-eye. I suppose he thinks I am a monster, denying him the use of my facilities. The state park is right down the road, but that doesn't make me feel any more secure.

I just wish he would go on his way and leave me here to complain about my poison whatever rash.


Joanne Noragon said...

I would be so uncomfortable.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

That guy hanging around would creep me out too, some people think they should be able to go and do whatever the hell they like and don't like to be told no you can't it's private property and you are not welcome.

Val said...

You've got a lot of nerve, not allowing everybody in the world to use your facilities free of charge! What kind of selfish monster ARE you?

As for that weirdo standing across the road watching your park...it's not like he has anything else to do.

Linda O'Connell said...

Beware the wanderer giving you the stink eye. Maybe you want to give him directions to the state park.