Wednesday, August 2, 2017

People ..... Continued .....

Yesterday was pretty much a wasted day. It rained overnight and made for such good sleeping, I slept until almost 9. HeWho has been complaining with pain in his side had already made his breakfast run.

HeWho went to the clinic last Friday (without me) and he might have gall stones. I know this because I have spoken with the clinic. They have scheduled a CT scan for this Thursday. The pain is not enough for drug intervention and we had to get approval from our insurance carrier first.

Anyhoo, since he was up for just sitting around today, we did just that. We even watched a movie. Not uninterrupted, of course, but it was minimal. I felt like I should be doing something, so I went outside. The breeze is delightful and I was happily pulling weeds in my garden when my bubble was burst.

About 7 weeks ago I had two campers come in for monthly, long term sites. The man who contacted me initially had indicated they would probably be here through the winter. To accommodate them we put aside other projects to get two new sites done and put the water line deep enough for year round use. They nature of their work has them here for a period of time and home for a week. Since they would not be actually living here the entire month I gave them a really good price.

I don't like to take advantage of people and always try to be fair with my pricing. One of them decided to pull his camper home with him for 10 days. He was sitting on a site that was reserved for the 4th of July weekend. We offered to dry store it or put it on anther site until the new site was ready. He said he wanted to take it home, since he had planned a trip anyway. I told him I would credit those days to him.

When it came time for the next month of rent, the man who had been here all along told me they would both be leaving on the 31st. I prorated his rent and he paid me for the remaining time. Trip man said nary a word to me. I figured we were even with the credit for the days he was gone.

Yesterday, August 1st, as he was pulling out he stopped and came over to my garden where I was happily pulling weeds to inquire about HIS REFUND. I applied his 10 day credit to the additional 2 weeks he stayed and was willing to call it even. But he said he thought I owed him 4 days.

Not only does he have problems with math, but he signed a long term lease. I have never held anyone to a lease, I just expect to be paid for the time the camper sits on my site and a little notice would be nice. What is wrong with people?


Anonymous said...

I would say he took advantage of your kind spirit.

Linda O'Connell said...

If you figure out what is wrong with people let me know. Granddaughter at work, evidence of labor, hopes baby stays in until the 15th, so she can get a full pay period. UGH! baby in charge.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

What the hell is wrong with some people, that would truly piss me off

Val said...

No good deed goes unpunished!