Thursday, August 3, 2017

I Must Not Be Good With People

Continuing in the same run of bad luck with people ..... I woke early this am to make sure that HeWho is still complaining about his side (he will be more than happy to lift his shirt to display the area in question, right below his ribcage, while he pushes his hand up and under his ribs) would not be late for his CT scan.

The weather was pleasant and I cleaned up my back yard and mowed, then hung out my laundry and headed over to the pool to do a general clean up and skim the water. I picked up straws, water bottles, broken toys and cigarette butts. I refused to be pushed into a bad mood. It was quiet and I had donned my swim suit before I put my shorts on to mow. I had 30 glorious minutes and had every intention of floating on my back until time to open the store .......

As I came around the building the phone rang. I could hear two people having a conversation about the pool. No one answered when I announced my greeting. I heard a woman say that she thought the pool opened at 11 because she read it on the sign. They were in two cars in front of the store.

Sighing deeply, I detoured from the pool and approached them. They wanted to know what time the pool opened and I told them. The woman said, "Oh, just like the sign says."

They hollered to the man from the other vehicle who was apparently roaming in my vegetable garden and he appeared and they left ...... both disregarding the signs telling them they were going the wrong way and "DO NOT ENTER".

I was preoccupied. Worried about HeWho and his CT scan. I got in the pool and was all set to float away until I noticed the tiny white Styrofoam balls clinging to the sides of the pool. I guess some body had a floatation device that leaked. I got out and grabbed the skimmer and got to work. They were tenacious, those tiny bits of Styrofoam. I ended up getting them out by hand. If you tried to net them, the already netted ones would float out and back onto the sides of the pool. I gave up on my desire to float since my time was dwindling away.

I pulled all the skimmer baskets. I could write a chapter on odd things found in them. Todays find was the strip one finds in the crotch of a new swimsuit. I suppose the wearer did not remove it before donning the suit?

Having finished cleaning the pool, I was about to pull the liners in the recycle and trash cans when a 5th wheel entered the park. I still had 10 minutes before opening at 11 and check-in is not until AFTER noon (since check out is noon). I stopped my task and headed up to the office to find a woman tapping her foot impatiently.

"Hi, can I help you?" I ask, as I approach. She snapped out that she needed propane. "Oh, I am sorry, my husband is not here right now and I am not authorized to fill." She jerked back, as if I had struck her and said, "WHAT?"

I repeated myself and I don't know why I chose to share that he was at the hospital having a procedure done. She then went into a tirade and told me that she just got the camper and was told to come to a campground to have it filled. She has lived here for 9 years and she never even knew this place existed ..... and where would she be able to find some propane. I gave her directions to my competitor across the Interstate.

I went on about my business and was feeling quite pleased with my accomplishments of the morning. I grabbed a sports drink and was about to call HeWho and check on him when my phone rang. The woman needing propane did follow my directions and was able to get her tank filled. But she told my competitor/friend what a bitch I was! She indicated that I lied about where my husband was! I have no idea what I did or said to leave her with that impression.

I was even using my calm persona, not the fake cheerful one. To make it all even better ...... I came into contact with some poison ivy/oak/sumac whatever. I had gloves on! It is on my hands, between my fingers and (joy of joys) on my eyelids! To add insult to injury (or vice-versa) a wasp stung me under my upper arm, too.


Val said...

You're having one of those days. You need to meet the boys on floor number two for a little smokin' in the boys' room!

Linda O'Connell said...

Enough is enough. Your luck has to change. Today I wish for happy campers, and happy Kathy. And as dumb luck would have it, it's too cold today to float on your back today. I shivered when i went outside. Maybe YOU need to get away and go camping, let some other campground owner take care of you for a change.

roth phallyka said...

number two for a little smokin' in the boys' room!

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