Saturday, August 12, 2017

Basic Anatomy

You may recall me mentioning the current ailment of HeWho mows and still tows. He grimaces and sort of moans a lot while shoving his hand up under his left rib cage. I think shoving his hand under his ribs is the cause of the pain .... but that's just me.

He had a CT scan and he does have a gall stone, but it is not blocking a duct. No surgery in his near future unless things change. You would think this is good news. I did. But, HeWho will jump up and take a tow call without a second thought, seemed a little disappointed. He is still shoving his hand under his ribs and grumbling about his pain.

After a restless night dealing with itching and warm dog bodies sleeping too close to me, I admit that my sympathy level for his pain is a little low. So today, he sat down on the couch in the store, hand shoved up under his ribs on the LEFT side of his body and announced that he had located the gallstone and he could feel it.

I started laughing and asked him if he even knew where his gallbladder was located. He said, "Yeah, right here." He indicated his abdomen where he had his hand. I was almost sorry to burst his bubble, but I did. What ever he "felt" was not a gall stone. Probably some bruised tissue from all that hand shoving he has been doing.

Nothing in this world is quite as entertaining as an ailing man. Funny thing is that he should have a basic understanding of anatomy. He was an EMT and I was an ER nurse. That is how we met almost 43 years ago. A lot of things have changed, but I am pretty sure our basic anatomy is not one of them! I no longer have a gall bladder, but I do know where it used to be!


Kathy G said...

Where would we get our amusement if "He Who" shaped up and started acting normal? :-)

Val said...

My gallbladder is gone, too. Good riddance! Gallstones are the worst pain I ever experienced in my life. Worse than a toothache, worse than a dislocated shoulder in a rollover car accident, worse than a broken arm, worse than childbirth with no anesthesia. It was a stabbing pain straight through me that no change of position could make comfortable. I couldn't have found my way out of the house to go on a tow call.

I do find it funny that HeWho thinks he can FEEL the gallstone with his hand!

Linda O'Connell said...

Now don't you wander what he is REALLY feeling? I am convinced men make their maladies worse. My guy hyper focused on a scratch on his leg, until he got it infected the doctor said. "I only poured alcohol and peroxide on it and rubbed it with toilet paper." Ugh!

roth phallyka said...
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roth phallyka said...

"I only poured alcohol and peroxide on it and rubbed it with toilet paper." Ugh!

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