Thursday, January 7, 2016

Sheep Herding Part 2

When we left yesterday there were three sheep grazing in the dog park. I came inside to download my pictures and send them to my kids to make them think we had acquired sheep. I like to do that. Shock my children and make them think we have finally gone over the edge. Just text the picture and say "Got us some sheep." Then answer their "why's" with "Mutton chops and sweaters."

Fun, they are so lucky to have me as a mom .... I am fun!! So what if they call me a dork? But, that is not my reason for revisiting this subject.

When the lady with the minivan drove over in the wrecked minivan with the other two sheep to wait for her husband I decided to just stay inside, still trying to catch my breath. I happened to be in the office when they left. I saw the minivan with the smashed in back, back window missing and sheep butts visible leave followed by a small sedan. I figured they had put the three sheep in there and her husband was following her to make sure everyone made it back home safely.

I was wrong. The three grazing sheep were in the back seat of the sedan!!! I kid you not. He Who will always lend a hand helped them get the sheep loaded. He Who is not afraid to ask questions and learned that these were local people who owned a truck and a cattle hauler. Yet, they chose to shove three sheep into the back of a sedan. Ponder that one for awhile.


Sondra said...

People never cease to amaze!

Val said...

On TV, I saw a car on the freeway with a pony in the back seat. Three sheep top a pony.

Anonymous said...

Your life at the RV park is just too funny.