Tuesday, January 26, 2016

I Painted The Broom Closet!

Yesterday was a good day ....... I painted the broom closet! I cooked dinner, too. Emptied the ice trays and did the dishes. Painted the inside of a cabinet in my bedroom and refolded all my t-shirts.

I was exhausted, but I felt a sense of accomplishment when I went to bed. I snuggled down into the warmth of the blankets and was balanced on the edge of sweet slumber when he sneezed. Three sneezes and a whimper. It was Oscar and that is his signal that he wants to go out. I considered asking He Who was already sleeping to take the dog out, but the last time he did it, he would not let the poor dog drink his fill of water. Oscar whined incessantly until I got up and took him to the kitchen and the water bowl less than an hour later.

Poor old dog. Makes me wonder how he was treated while I was in the hospital. Oscar is old and will not live forever. I treat him like I hope somebody will treat me when I am old and feeble. Oh, wait, I am old and feeble ......

Never got to tell the tenants about the rate increase. One of them had his grandfather bring the rent in the form of a check from the guy's mother. The kid doesn't actually work, he is "disabled" by some obscure injury to his back or his leg. He gets what folks around here refer to as "benefits" form the state. Money and food stamps. And his mother pays his rent.

Grandfather was quite forthcoming about the character of his grandson. The mother pays the rent and the grandfather provided the RV for him to live in ........ because they do not want him in their homes. Seems he takes things that do not belong to him. I guess I know who stole the heater from the ladies' room.

The other tenant "got laid off ". Okay, but you still have to pay rent. He did not tell me his problems, but confessed to He Who is sympathetic to such announcements. He says he will "try" to get some money together when his unemployment check comes in.

I think this is an excellent way to handle things and I should give it a try next time the power bill comes in. The power bill is FOUR DIGITS, people, and the tenants in question are the reason why. I think I will have them removed as soon as I get the rent due.


Val said...

Good of you to take things slow. I don't think you're ready to paint the town yet, so you might as well start with painting the broom closet.

Linda O'Connell said...

Four digit electric bill?! Oh dear, I can see you taking a broom to some of your tenants. Look up!