Wednesday, January 6, 2016

He Who Herds Sheep!

Our park has a close proximity to the Interstate. Makes it easy for travelers to pull in for an overnight stay. One of the features that made us want to buy the park.

Close proximity to the Interstate has it's advantages ..... and disadvantages. We are usually  the first to know about a wreck. Sometimes we hear it. Most of the time we know about it when the traffic is at a crawl and drivers exit and think the can drive down the frontage road to the next entrance onto the Interstate. They don't see the "Dead End" sign until they have committed to the drive down the road. The easiest place to turn around is our driveway.

Cars will pull in and then back out onto the road, rather than drive down into the parking lot and come out the exit drive. We have had people try to drive through the grassy area between the drives during wet weather and get stuck. The big tractor trailers appreciate the big area to turn ...... well, most of them manage to navigate fine, while other will plow through my gardens. That is another story, though.

Today, a cattle truck must have been in a calamity, because we now have sheep wandering up. He Who loves a challenge is currently trying to herd them into the dog park. That dog park has come in handy! We have had horses and a stray dog or two spend the night in there. This is great because He Who loves animals is always bringing home dogs he sees in danger of heading onto the Interstate. They can spend the night in the dog park while they wait for the shelter to open. Before the dog park they stayed in my office ...... and my dogs went a little berserk.

 I decided to venture out to see the herding. The sheep are strolling down the road AWAY from the dog park.

 He Who had called reinforcements to help and learned that the sheep were being transported with two others in a minivan!!!

 See the dog park? The men got in their vehicles to herd. These sheep can run fast! I just walked along behind them and headed to the park.

 Wasn't all that hard, they just moved along, stopping to eat some grass.

 The men came along with their trucks and horns and I just sort of shooed them in.

They seem quite content. Their owner drove the bashed in minivan over while she waits for her husband to come get them.

I didn't go back out to see the van, but was told by He Who is as nosy as he is kind hearted said she was back-ended and it was smashed up pretty good ........ and the odor was appalling. Seems that sheep like to poop a lot.

My big adventure has me winded, I am left just sitting here wondering why you would stuff five sheep into your minivan.


Linda O'Connell said...

Well a wreck like that would scare the crap out of you. You certainly have some interesting visitors. Call you the sheep whisperer.

Sondra said...

Holy Sheep dog...why would someone put 4 sheep in a minivan...kind of like asking why did the chicken cross the road!!

Joanne Noragon said...

I guess because she needed to get them on down the road. Or something.

Val said...

Dang! Maybe you're tired because...wait for've been COUNTING SHEEP!

Kathy G said...

Most. Unique. Story. Ever.