Wednesday, August 5, 2015

You Might Be A Redneck ........

As the campground turns ..... I have been busy making the flower girl dresses for the upcoming wedding of my daughter, while simultaneously creating a concrete counter top in my new kitchen. In the down times from that I have been mowing endlessly. Weeding, too, but that is my hobby.

The grasshopper zero turn mower was recently in the shop, which is why I had to help mow so much. Deprived of his riding toy, He Who mows was moping around when he wasn't pushing my old mower. I had requested a secondary fence in the back yard to contain the puppy. He was dispatched to the outer field known as the mower graveyard to retrieve the roll of chain link fencing.

Sounds like a simple, unremarkable task. It should have been. He Who usually makes a simple task harder, decided to drag the roll behind the car, rather than load it onto the trailer. In doing so, he discovered that the weight of the roll pulled behind the car actually helped to level the gravel road.

He has discovered his favorite pastime. Driving through the park and the sites over and over again. Today has not been so bad, as it is drizzling rain. Yesterday and the day before had me choking on dust all day. I just don't have the heart to take his roll of chain link away. It makes him so happy.

Just so you know, that fence is still not up. The piece is cut, leaving him enough to play with.


Linda O'Connell said...

Some days it doesn't take much for a man to be happy. You sound as busy as ever.

Val said...

Hey, it didn't cost you anything. He could have been at The Good Feet Store forking over $1000 for shoe inserts.