Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The Rabbit Died

I was outside enjoying the mild weather as the sun started to set low in the sky. Martha, the boy cat was sitting in the dusty parking lot, staring at me as he swished his tail. I thought I saw movement behind him. Upon further investigation, I discovered a tiny rabbit running in circles.

I picked the little guy up. He barely filled the palm of my hand. So cute. What should I do? If I put him down, Martha will surely finish him off ..... As I stood there holding the baby rabbit, he started to call out. It was loud, considering his size. His little heart was racing and I knew he must be terrified.

So, I am sucker for furry creatures, as you know. I found a tall box and placed him gently on the bottom. Knowing that this little guy would be eating away my garden greens, I went out and picked a tender collard leaf. I placed it in the box and left him over night.

Now, Martha, the boy cat, has the run of the park and my house. He rarely eats what he kills, preferring the kibble I provide. He does like to annoy the dogs and does a really good job. I fully expected to find the little rabbit in pieces when I woke the next morning.

There he was curled up sleeping in the corner of the box, the collard leaf gone. Apparently, Martha knows better than to kill an animal that I have been nursing back to health. Perhaps he remembers when he was that small and I fed him with a bottle and took care of his other needs. Whatever the case the little guy made it through the night.

The morning was chilly, so I took the box outside and placed it in the sun to warm him up. I gathered some peas and another collard leaf and put them in the box. When I checked on him later, he looked more lethargic. I picked him up and he opened his little mouth like a baby bird. I used the end of a pen and fed him a few drops of water.

He stretched his little legs out and yawned ...... and died in my hand. His heart just stopped beating. I cried and really have not stopped since. My dad is dying and I can't seem to stop weeping. I am so very sad.



Joanne Noragon said...

Oh, Kathy, I am so sorry. This is such a hard part of life to live through. I am thinking of you.

Val said...


luksky said...

awww.....death is the saddest thing in the world, but something we all have to witness sooner or later. As my hubby says, "We are all dying, some of us just die sooner than others." Still doesn't make it any easier. ((Hugs))