Friday, August 28, 2015

Life Goes On

No matter that I would prefer to become a temporary recluse, life keeps on moving along. Labor Day weekend is approaching and I feel anxious for it to all be over for the season. Not that we close down by any means, but the pool closes and affords me a bit less to worry with.

So, this is the weekend before the holiday weekend. The lull before the storm, if you will. I started my day in the playground pulling weeds. If He Who mows had his way, there would be no puddle of pea gravel under the equipment to soften a fall. He seems to mow further in every time, encouraging the weeds to multiply and strengthen those roots. I, on the other hand prefer to yank the roots from the ground under the gravel and maintain that gravel. I spent several hours peacefully pulling until a camper stopped me to inquire about the rates and such.

I came inside to consult and found that I had over indulged my weeding habit. Checked him in for the weekend and grabbed a quick shower, all the while mourning my loss of outdoor time. I was engrossed in removing my DVD cabinet that was barely hanging to the wall (my bad, He Who told me my idea was not sound, but I did it anyway); when the door opened and a tiny little old lady came in with a pillow case full of clothes (?) slung over her shoulder. She was out of breath and was huffing and puffing ( I expected to hear a 'ho ho ho' erupt at any moment.

I am, by no means, a tall person, but I towered over this sweet little old lady. She looked around expectantly and said she wanted to do some laundry. I told her where the laundry was and that the machines took quarters "A dollar a load," I said. If you frequent laundry mats, you will know that this is a bargain. She pulls a lone dollar from her pocket and I make change for her. She begins to turn away and then asks if the dryer takes money, too.

That should have been a clue. She left after slinging her meager load over her shoulder again and I went back to my task. After a few minutes, she is back. "There is no laundry soap or anything in there!" she shouts at me. I told her I had some on the shelf in the store and she huffed and puffed, this time like the big bad wolf, at me and asked if I expected her to PAY for it. I was stunned and I am quite certain my mouth was hanging open in surprise. Then she shrilled that she had wasted a dollar for nothing and stormed out before I could offer her the money back.

Since when is laundry detergent supplied free of charge at a public laundry facility? I have never encountered it. At only $1 a load, it might be cheaper to wash my clothes at one of these establishments. I realize now that she was miffed that the machines were coin operated and she was expected to pay at all. Like going to mom's house to do your laundry. I am not that accommodating.

And much thanks to the person who decided to enter our park late at night and take (steal) a faucet, leaving the water to run all night. That part of the park is not under surveillance ...... yet.

Same old, same old.


Val said...

She's making her list and checking it twice. You're in the naughty section.

Linda O'Connell said...

That little old woman must have come out of the woods. Sorry you are going through so much aggravation. Maybe after the pool closes things will settle down, at least at the campground.