Sunday, August 2, 2015

The Never Ending Weekend

Have you ever just had a day that had you counting the very minutes left, so anxious for it to be over?

It all started on Thursday when I was mowing one last patch behind the main building. You will recall that I had been mowing the dog park and was interrupted numerous times. The driveway was not in my line of vision and I had instructed He Who never listens to LOCK the door. We are not open until 11 am and I have a big freaking sign to prove it. Check-in is not until AFTER noon.

He checked in an elderly gentleman to a tent site with electricity and charged him accordingly. Now, He Who is not in charge of assigning sites and such, he is not one to make sure the necessary information makes it on to the registration form. He tends to skip things, like the date and the number of people. Fortunately he did manage to put the site number on the form, making it quite easy for me to locate the source of the tribe of children that seemed to be pouring out of the travel trailer and tent like ants running out of an anthill that had been kicked by an angry child.

I called He Who was acting like an angry child because his Grasshopper mower was not ready ...... seems someone put the wrong hydraulic fluid in it and the pump was damaged. I politely informed him of the apparent error in his calculations for a three day stay for so many guests. I also asked if he knew the difference between a tent and a travel trailer, because he undercharged them, as they were sucking down 30 amps of power in said trailer. You do not want to know what our power bill is in this heat. He did not appreciate me pointing all this out to him, but he reluctantly trudged over and told the campers of his mistake.

Our site prices cover two adults and up to two children under the age of 14. The elderly man let his wife take over and she informed He Who that they only had 4 adults and 5 children. She reluctantly coughed up the additional $3 per person and He Who thought he was done. I had already identified 8 different children and things were starting to look scary. Some were fishing, some were swimming, while others were investigating the restrooms and the playground.

As evening approached more came to join them, they stopped in the office to pay and tell me they were expecting another couple and their two children to join them, with their two children on the site adjacent to the patriarch of the clan. Confused yet? Hang on, it gets worse. One couple wanted to stay 3 nights and the other couple was staying two nights ........ and could they just wait until the second couple arrived the next day, as they planned to split the cost. I made her fill out the registration and told her I would hold it until couple #2 arrived.

I am still trying to get a head count, but every time I approach the compound, they scatter. Some go in a tent and some into the travel trailer and some remain outside looking at the ground at their feet. Couple #2 finally arrived and that is when it got interesting. By her calculations, each family would give me $25 and that would cover it all. She was the brains of the operation and she thought if she said it enough I would think it was true. I calmly explained to her that the $25 per night covered 2 adults and 2 children and she would exclaim "and that is what we have!!", before I could finish saying that they were sharing the site with 2 adults and 2 children and that they would only be paying and additional $12 a night, making the total per night be $37. The husband stood there with his drooping goatee and sleepy eyes saying "I just don't understand, I think you are trying to rip us off."

Finally, in utter frustration, I told them we could remedy the problem and I would just assign them their own site and they could pay full price. Suddenly the wife understood completely and even figured up each couple's part. Rip Van Winkle was still in the dark and still accusing me of over charging them, but wifey took him by the hand and led him out after paying. She was instructed to send her friend/cousin/whatever up to take care of her part. Rip them off, indeed!

Several hours passed with no payment from couple #1. I offered to let He Who has a gentle way with those who owe us money to go collect. He declined and stood watch while I went in search of my $57.50. I located the culprit and she shouted to the collection of those out in the open that she knew this was going to happen. I don't know who she was trying to impress, but it was not me. She wanted to know why she had to pay more than her cousin/friend. I had to explain that she stayed 3 nights, as opposed to the 2 nights that couple #2 were buying. Over and over again. She did not wear me down. I got my money.

And, I have earned every penny. Part 2 tomorrow, I am going to lay me weary head upon my pillow!

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Joanne Noragon said...

Ah, joys of the service industry. My friend has a kennel that frequently is at its fifty dog capacity, with a waiting list. People call: "You don't understand; I need to board Fifi this weekend." Some even show up with the dog. She's hardened herself to be able to turn them away, instead of figuring out how to use a drying cage as a kennel for the weekend.