Sunday, November 11, 2012

A Much Loved Dog

I did not check my e-mail before retiring for the night yesterday. When I woke this morning and brewed my coffee, I settled on the love seat with my cup and my lap top. My faithful dog, Oscar at my side. This is when I learned that my dear friend, Martha had suffered the loss of her sweet dog, Buddy.

I started crying, knowing the pain my friend was in. My Emmy left us last spring and I still miss her. Lately I have been "seeing" her. I had told Martha that I walked into our seating area and thought I saw her sitting on the couch in her usual spot. My spot. Emmy would always move to my spot when I wasn't there, like she was "saving" my seat. It was Toni Louise sitting there and it was only an instant that I mistook her for Emmy. A couple of days ago, I could have sworn I saw her walking into the kitchen in her careful little manner. It was Oscar, and again it was only an instant.

Now I wonder if she may have been hovering close by to help Buddy cross over. I know it sounds silly. They both possessed sensitive temperaments. I saw Martha for a bit today and we cried together as she remembered her sweet Buddy. I hate to see her so sad.

Rest in peace, good boy, you were loved so much.


lotta joy said...

When our beloved dogs pass, it causes more pain sometimes than losing a human. This can be explained easily: humans, even those who love us, cause us pain on many occasions. But out dogs give nothing, ever, but love and loyalty. The loss of that love is not given the understanding it should.

Linda O'Connell said...

Kathy, you have my deepest sympathy. Our pets are family. So sorry.

Mamma has spoken said...

Agree, those four legged friends do take a special place in our hearts and stay there for the rest of our lives.

luksky said...

awww...I cried just reading this brought me back to when I lost my little Brandi. Cyber condolences to your friend. I don't think it is silly at all that Emmy would be helping Buddy cross over, that's what I would have thought also.