Sunday, September 5, 2010

Drug Money!!!!

My face is better, no scars. I think I know why my outbreak was so bad. I usually rub baby oil into my wet skin after I shower ............ Not only did I spread it, I locked it in with the oil. My face has healed, but now I have second and third outbreaks. Some areas are actually peeling. I won't be using baby oil anymore.

Since I am captive here in the store this weekend I decided to do a little re-merchandising. I had made some teapot cozies awhile back. With the little nip in the air (got down to 43 Friday night) I thought I should display them.

I researched and finally found the thermal lining that will insure a warm pot for up to four hours. I made two different kinds. I made two that sit over the entire pot and look like the small appliance covers of old. The other ones encase the whole pot with an opening on each side for the spout and the handle. I made some small ones perfect for that personal teapot and then larger ones, too.
I went in my house and grabbed the small teapot that I keep handy. I was tying the strings that hold the cozy on when the lid flew off. I caught it before it hit the floor and broke, not noticing right away that there was something in the pot. I am notorious for sticking money in odd places and going on about my business until I can open the safe and put it in there. I found a wad of twenties that totalled $580 !!!!!!!! I have no idea how long it sat in the pot before I accidentally came upon it. Now if you think you know the reason for the title, you may be wrong. I am not calling it drug money because it was in a "pot".
I plan to buy drugs with the money! Prescription drugs that I did not know how I was going to afford this month. Having no insurance sucks..........

Once upon a time he who has great ideas bought a lot, a whole lot of white tees and some tie-dye kits. He was sure that we were going to get rich with tie-dye shirts. This was about ten years ago and we still had the tees in the original boxes and the kits when we bought the campground. So, when Miss Martha and Crazy Tom became seasonal campers and it came to my attention that they screen printed shirts I told them to put something on the shirts with our info and use their own judgement. This was pre-frog days. I just wanted to get the shirts out of my way and figured this would be better than having them dry rotting in the box. I think they did a wonderful job with so little to go on. Then I asked Miss Martha about putting a frog in the logo and we got new shirts in day-glo colors.

Those new shirts made the white ones look sad and insignificant. Since those tie-dye kits were just sitting there collecting dust and I was all covered in an itchy rash and could not go out and play in the dirt good camper Yvonne (aka my personal shopper) and I had a serious tie-dye adventure! She went online and learned folding techniques. See the spider on the yellow tee? I was admittedly less than enthusiastic and approached the project with a "let's just get it done" attitude.

Then she added a frog and I was on board with the project of recycling those plain tees!

I like the green, myself. I have four orders for the distinctively hot pink, magenta, fuchsia shirt. All men. One of them my very own he who is color blind and thinks pink is purple. I suppose I will admit that he was right about the tie-dye coming back. He was just ten years early.


Lorenza said...

It is pawesome when you do those findings, right?
I guess someone had a plan for you!
The t-shirts look great!
I hope you sell tons of them!
Take care
Kisses and hugs

PS greetings to the furkids!

jojo said...

you look so much better, almost back to normal heh? No wonder your skin is so pretty though with a baby oil regime.
Love the tye hubs is color blind too, makes painting quite interesting!

Brian Miller said...

nice. i am digging the shirts....
glad you face is healing...
and nice on teh money find...i uderstand the drug ordeal being off insurance for 7 it when i find money i squirreled away...not that it has ahppened but it would be

Mamma has spoken said...

Isn't it awesome when you need the money the most, God provides! There was a reason why you forgot about it, you just didn't realize it until now ;o)

houndstooth said...

Funny how sometimes we find just the right things in the right places! I'm glad you did! The t-shirts look pretty darned cool!

I'm glad you're healing from the poison ivy!

Jo said...

Omigoodness, you look a whole lot better...! Your complexion looks gorgeous. Perhaps you have invented a whole new dermatology process. Did you know the use of Botox was discovered right here in Vancouver by a local dermatologist? Her husband is an ophthalmologist, and he used it for ophthalmology problems, and his wife noticed it got rid of wrinkles. The rest ... as they say ...

That's a wonderful picture of you...!

Foreign Pharmacies said...
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Pat said...

You are such a clever and crafty person! You never cease to amaze me! The T-shirts will be a big hit, I'm sure!

Boy I sure wish I could find a "drug pot" around here about now! LOL! Good for you!

Glad you are healing with your poison ivy breakout. Your face looks so much better!

Whitney Lee said...

You have certainly had a busy weekend. The shirts are great! I hope you sell them all. You really are rather crafty. The monkeys, the dresses, the cozies...and all of it is so gorgeous. Whenever I try to make something it turns out a bit pathetic looking.

I'm glad you're feeling better. As for the money, I'm of the belief that the universe provides as long as one has faith (and is willing to think outside the box).

Sunny said...

What a difference. I've been catching up and just saw your 'before' pictures...I'm sorry you had to go through such misery.
I love your teapot cozies, you are so creative!
☼ Sunny

Meggie said...

Clever you! A great variety of the T's.