Wednesday, September 15, 2010

August Site Winner

Site 2 was the winner for August. Only two votes were cast and both were for this site. As you can see, Yvonne is a pet lover.

A very patient pet lover. Meet Frank, Tango and Tank. It occurred to me that they might be a little confused, since all the names sound alike. See.......... they all looked up when she told Tank to sit up.

Yvonne has been working on her site since she moved in. Here she put up a bird condo to hide the ugly power box. She used an old paint pail as a flower pot. She warned me that she was a big fan of artificial flowers.............

....................but I must have rubbed off, since she did plant some live flowers around the tree.

Jim and Yvonne are big race fans as you can see.

Really big race fans. Like me, Yvonne likes to use discarded items. The table is made from tire rims and an oil pan. Clever.

A concession to the kampground theme. A lone frog. He glows in the dark.

Cowboy boots and sunflowers ............

.......................they are from Kansas.

Wonder if a bird will make use of this nest?

The conservatory................ see the hammock in the back?

The dining area.

Remember the hammock? Frank and Tango look comfy, don't they?
Even though I handed out ballots and begged folks to vote Labor Day weekend, I got nothing!! I will have to post candidate for this month and let my bloggy buddies choose again! Come on, people, VOTE!


Mamma has spoken said...

I loved voting last time!
Bring them on!

Jo said...

I absolutely love the bird condo...! What an imagination. :-)

Katy said...

I love the flowers in the cowboy boots, but then I'm from Texas...

I loved seeing all the sites last time so I do hope we get to vote again.

Meggie said...

Looks like it was a deserved win!

Pat said...

That last picture just cracked me up! This site deserved to win! They've done a lot of work and it looks so inviting to sit on their patio, even if I'm not a racing fan!