Monday, July 19, 2010

Wonderful Weekend

The store has turned into a little meeting place for all the "regulars" to grab a cup of coffee and a roll. This past winter while he who was working worked, my soul sister, Deb and I put puzzles together, talked for hours, and sang along with the songs of the sixties together. We also tossed around ideas. We cooked a lot, too. We share similar interests and we both love to cook. Neither of us are afraid to experiment with recipes ........ Sometimes that is good .......... sometimes not so good. He who will try almost anything was our guinea pig of sorts .... he is also unafraid of hurting feelings if he doesn't like something. He has been known to make an awful face and spit the offensive bite into a napkin and tell us it is "nasty".

Anyhow we decided to try a weekend breakfast of sweet rolls and coffee. We also have decaf and hot chocolate available, but our crowd seems to prefer the full measure of caffeine. Cinnamon rolls were our first choice because the dough can be made ahead and frozen. Muffins were my choice, but they just don't sell as well as the cinnamon rolls slathered in Deb's cream cheese icing. Not too long ago I did a little research and tried out several recipes for sticky buns. I use the same dough for these and add the "sticky". I prefer the sticky buns, while Deb prefers the cream cheese iced buns and each of us have our faithful followers.

We sold out two days in a row this past weekend! That meant I had to get up at 5 am, but, I actually enjoy that alone time in the morning. My weekend days are not as physical as the week days and I have been known to lean way back in my office chair and take a little power nap in the afternoon. My desk is high and no-one knows that I have been dozing when they come in. (I guess they do now!

He who is forbidden to mow on the weekends actually sat awhile and chatted with our customers Sunday morning. He is sporting his new day-glo colors, courtesy of Crazy Tom. I seem to recall requesting a visor for myself ........... That's okay, this makes him be he who is easy to spot from afar.

Soon I will need a bigger store, more tables, more chairs ................ more help?
Several times I was told how nice my kampground was this past weekend and that is what makes it all worthwhile ................ well, that and money.


Brian Miller said...

so cool that everyone is will need a bigger the hat! glad you had a good weekend!

Jaime said...

you'd never be able to drag me out of bed that early on the weekend. but those rolls look good, so i guess it was for a good cause

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

that totally rocks! one of these days - when Ron is no longer taking residence in a rehab center or a hospital, and i feel a need to "get out" of town - we're going to heard your way! LOL - it will be drive out there on Saturday and drive home on Sunday but I think I will totally enjoy it!

those rolls look delish!!!

houndstooth said...

I am dreaming of cinnamon rolls again! Curses!

ellen abbott said...

Looks like quite the gathering place.

The Good Cook said...

Those rolls have my mouth watering. I would have to have one of each.

We have camped all across this country and I have to tell you just from your pictures your campground looks just lovely! I want to come visit. (and bake something together)

Rae said...

The rolls look yummy. I can see why you have a large breakfast crowd. You put in a lot of work at your kampground and it must be nice hearing compliments about it. You deserve them. From all the pictures you have posted it looks like a wonderful place to stay.

Pat said...

Nothing like home cooked goodies to get the folks to come in.

Deb sounds like a great friend to have!