Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Prescription Scams

Since he who no longer works outside the campground has no insurance and was out of his array of blood pressure, cholesterol lowering, heart strengthening drugs, I had to decide if the COBRA was the way to go or if another option was available. We still have about 40 days to research the decision and I have turned that over to my broker, since he definitely knows more about insurance than I do. While he investigates all the possibilities, I still had to get those scripts filled.

So, off to WalMart I go. Some of the generics fall into that $10 category and I even called our doctor to try to change any that we could. All of my efforts resulted in filling his RX for a 90 day supply and mine for a 30 day supply for $1000 ..... give or take. I wanted to cry, but the COBRA was $1000 a month and then the co-pays on the RX is around $600. Lose-lose situation. I came home in a pretty down mood, wondering if we would be reduced to eating Fancy Feast this winter just to be able to have our medications. (not to worry, remember "he who" bought a hog and it is in the freezer, so we might oink, but we won't meow).

So, I click on to my e-mail and see this RX discount site. I almost spammed it without looking. But I opened it up and read it and it looked legit. I printed the first coupon that would save me $64 on a $300 script. It had all the necessary info on it to run it through the system. I used to work in WalMart pharmacy and know what is necessary. So I was elated. I was sure that I had found a solution to my dilemma. I printed happily, knowing that they could be run after the fact on the prescriptions I had already purchased and I was going to save about 60%.

I was so happy that I was eager to share my good fortune with others and I did. Off to WalMart yesterday to pick up the rest of my order and receive my refund. Light of heart and a skip in my step, I handed over my valuable coupons and went strolling through the clearance section to see what I could see. I hear my name requesting my presence back to the pharmacy. The whole thing was a scam! They were going to charge me a "processing fee" each RX that was coincidentally the amount of the discount. That light-hearted mood flew right to the moon and I came on home in a rather foul mood. My foot still hurts from my misadventure Monday and now my back is hurting where the handle of the tool whacked me when it flipped up off the ground.

I tried to call the number related to the card and will try again and get a person I can vent my frustration on. In the meantime I will go put fresh sheets on the guest bed and clean the room in preparation for this weekend when my baby and her baby arrive for a visit. I can't wait to smell that sweet little boy head while he wraps his sweet arms around my neck. We get to meet our new 'grand dog' too. Wonderful chaos is on its way and that's no scam!


SJT said...

Oh no! That sounds like a big letdown for you! Hope you enjoy your time with A and G!

Brian Miller said...

as one who has no insurance himself...i understand your pain...sorry...hope you have a great weekend with the baby!

SkippyMom said...

So sorry about that - I hate scams. But that one seemed legit - guess they are getting better at it.

That is an amazing amount of money on prescriptions. Sometimes I think the drug companies themselves [plus the doctors] are scammers too - I had to purchase a presciption when I was first out of the hospital - it was $200 [ouch] but I was so scared not to follow exactly the dr's orders that I had my husband pick it up. It was for two pills. Two. When I asked the doctor why this particular pill she responded that it was an antibiotic I had to take but wouldn't explain why. And it was for one day. One. They couldn't have just given them to me in the hospital? Or a prescription for something different? I am not allergic to anything - oh, well I am rambling but it pisses me off. Still.

Happier note - very exciting to have you baby and grandbaby coming this weekend. Yippppeee! Will we get to see pics too? Hope so! :)

Have a great time.

Mamma has spoken said...

I hate to hear that you meds were that expensive for only one month's worth. Some of our phramacies will give you gift cards for transfereing your perscriptions to them. I have a friend who does this to help off set the cost. But then we have a multitude of pharamices in this area.

Nancy said...

I'm so sorry. I absolutely hate the healthcare situation in this country. I had a Rx filled last week on the absolutely only thing I take - and they informed me that they would only cover part of the pills the doctor wrote on the prescription. #@$%^%$

Enjoy you girl and your sweet baby. Mine comes in two weeks! :-)

Pat said...

It would be worth it for you guys to take a quick trip to Mexico for your medications. Each person can bring back a 3 month supply of each pill. Most do NOT require a prescription. All my Canadian friends and many Americans go down to Mexico for their meds when we are in AZ.

How exciting to see your daughter and grandson this weekend! Sounds like fun!

ellen abbott said...

We don't have insurance either and take some pricey meds. There are some tricks you can employ )I've sent you an email). You can order them double the dose and split them with a pill splitter so they go twice as far for your money. Not all pills split well though I don't think. Mine do. Also, generics are available for some meds that you can't get in the US. You might check out Canada Drugs. They have a website.

otin said...

The cost of the heart and blood pressure lowering medicine puts you under so much financial strain that you get high blood pressure from worrying about it all!