Thursday, June 24, 2021

The Last Straw?

Cujo here. I admit that I have never been a big fan of the warm weather and "the season" of campers, but this season is the worst one yet!

My mom is always in that store or office. I don't know why it has two names, but she is always in there and I do not like it. None of us dogs are happy about this. When Mom closes this office/store, she takes us out to pee and then we go to bed! She is always tired.

Yesterday she went into the back yard and did a poop patrol, that's what she calls it when she picks up us dog's poop. I am still wondering what she does with it. But this usually means she will be mowing our yard. I like it when she mows. I like to follow her, after all I am her faithful companion. Sometimes she will mow stripes in a design on our yard. She called the last one a chevron. I don't know what that is, but it took longer than usual and that meant us dogs had Mom to ourselves.

But after she collected all of our poop and we all came back inside to drink water (Mom says hydration is important), she went to work! I had just settled in for a nap when I heard the mower. We all raced to the back door, but she wasn't there! She was mowing other parts of the park. I was bummed!!

I don't care about the park outside my fence! She should know that. Eddie had found a spot to escape and for awhile he would slip out and get into some serious trouble with Mom. I paid close attention and I was about to escape when I felt Mom's hands on my back legs pulling me back into the yard. I thought I was in for a punishment, but Mom thanked me for showing her the hole and then she fixed it. When Mom fixes it, she does a good job. 

When HeWho is supposed to be a good fixer does it, us dogs can work our way around it. HeWho is Mom's special name for Dad. She said she should trademark it, but that it was okay for me to use. Just me, nobody else.

Last Sunday (I knew it must be Sunday because Mom closes early and sits with us dogs), we were all napping when we heard a commotion in the office/store. Toni Louise was in HeWho's recliner watching the monitor from the cameras in the store. She started to whine, letting us other dogs know that she did not like the person in the store. It was a man and he started yelling at Mom!!

All of us dogs started barking as loud as we could and Mom did not yell "flyswatter". This is our secret code word from Mom to let us know she is not in need of our assistance ...... wait, Toni and Eddie are trying to tell me something.

Seems I might be wrong about that secret code word. They seem to think it means for us dogs to shut up with our barking. They could be right, as Mom has sometimes yelled that she is okay and we should stop barking. I really like the idea of a secret code word. But now that I have shared it, it would no longer be secret anyway. 

Anyway ... this man was yelling and we heard Mom tell him to leave. He did not leave, he kept saying things to her and he sounded mean. He had a kid with him and they were still standing there on the other side of the counter from my mom. I was barking with all my might, trying to let Mom know she could count on me to bite them. I know my front teeth are gone and my face is gray, but I can still bite! If you mess with my Mom, you better believe I will do my best to bite you! Toni and Eddie were ready, too. Mr. BoJangles was just barking because we were.

The man and the kid finally left and Mom grabbed her phone and went outside to take a picture of the truck to get the license number (I heard her tell Dad this later) and I hear that this mean man got out of his truck and came after MY MOM! She told the deputies (us dogs were eavesdropping) that the kid yelled at the man and he got back in his truck and then tried to hit mom with his truck!

The deputy said he could arrest the man and put him in jail, but Mom said not to. She thinks he might try to retaliate with some mischief. She thought he could be a pyromaniac. I did not know what that was and I wish that Wall-E was still here. Wall-E had a really big vocabulary. Mom told me later that it was a person who liked to set fires.

After this happened, Mom told Dad that this was the last straw. I must admit that I have no idea what she was talking about. I have seen her drink from a straw, but I have seen her drink from the edge of the glass, too. Should we get more straws? I just don't know!

All I can say is that I hope this "season" is almost over and that everybody stops yelling at my mom and trying to hit her with a truck. I would be much happier if we didn't have a season or a store or office and Mom could just hold me all the time!



RunNRose said...

Oh, my. It goes from bad to worse! It's time for you and yours to get out of there! Somebody else's turn to cope with all that crap. And I'm not speaking of dog poop.

Joanne Noragon said...

Kathy, indeed, the last straw. Cujo made my heart pound.

Val said...

People are crazy these days. Crazy enough to make a honey badger care! I don't think violence is the answer, Cujo, but I think your mom would be proud that you were ready to sink your gums into that mean man.

River said...

Wow Cujo, thank you for letting us know. I would think "the last straw" means your mum cannot take much more of this stressful harassment from idiot campers. I am glad you dogs are all there to lend support when she needs it.

ellen abbott said...

I think the worst thing about Trump was that he gave people permission to be their worst selves and if violence was involved, so much the better. the level of hate and violence is untenable. I'd be pounding a for sale sign in the ground.

Jim Davis said...

Holy smokes, who are these lunatics? Every day there are more stories of crazy people behaving badly. This guy sounded dangerous. Time to sell and have some peace. It's just not worth it.

Linda O'Connell said...

I think it is time to get out of Dodge. There are too many crazies. Time for you and Hewho to relax.