Monday, June 28, 2021

Chivalry Is Dead

Be careful what you ask for. We had been dry for quite awhile. Fissures in the ground were beginning to widen and I couldn't seem to keep the hanging baskets wet. The flowers were limp and dying.

The rain came a few days ago. Not a gentle rain, but furious rain beat down all night for two nights and it has been raining in fits and spells since. The back yard has standing water. The pool overflowed and the wind threw the rain under the eaves and the kitchen flooded.

This morning was sunny and bright. HeWho has half a heart was scheduled for an appointment with the cardiologist. I was going to send him alone and stay here, but I feared he would rip the note from the safety pin on his collar that I was going to send the doctor. I needed to go for several reasons. He doesn't hear that well, even with the the hearing aids. I know when he has totally misunderstood what has been said. He won't make others repeat themselves and I was afraid the second hand information coming home with him might not be accurate. It is amusing to hear what he thinks he heard, but not when it is about his health.

In April I decided to remove his Lipitor from his pill regimen. It will cause muscle weakness and his legs would fail him when he was walking. Not such a big deal, as the man does not walk that much, preferring to ride to where ever he may go. Though not proven, a rare side effect is confusion. Always hard to tell if he is truly confused or just wants me to think he is, to get out of doing something I want done. This has happened before with Lipitor, so I am confident that it is the culprit. I was afraid he would just tell them that I took his Lipitor away and would accept being told to start taking it again. 

Cardiologist did not get excited that I was manipulating the drugs, not that a physician telling me not to do it would matter to me, just nicer that he accepted that I was HeWho's best advocate. Now we will get a blood level that will be accurate on no drugs and then decide on another drug to control his cholesterol.

So, I went about all my chores and getting the office ready for my fill-in for the day. As we were about to had out, the clouds gathered. Rain started pattering about 10 minutes into the trip and we drove through a storm and came out about a third of the way to our destination. The skies were bright blue with big white puffy clouds all the way in. As we were looking for a parking spot, the sky darkened and a downpour started. We were a little early and thought we would just wait it out.

Rain continued to fall and the wind picked up and HeWho accidentally hit the trunk button on the fob and the lid flew open. Since he had to get out to close the trunk lid, we decided to go ahead and get into the office. I had handed the umbrella to HeWho was closing the trunk, thinking he could come to my side of the car and I would get out and share the umbrella with him.

I was under no delusions that we would be completely dry entering the building, I did say that the wind was blowing. Chivalry is dead! I was as wet as I would have been had I jumped in the pool fully clothed. Water was running down my back and my hair was soaked close to my head, mascara was running down my face. My shoes were full of water and squishing as I walked. Inside I looked over at my husband to see that his back was rain splattered, but his head was surprisingly dry.

I headed to the restroom hoping to engage a hand dryer on my wet head. I usually prefer paper towels to dry my hands with and the one time I WANT one of those dryers to blow hot air on me, one is not available! I used the brown paper towels and lots of them. I had them on my skin under my wet shirt while I dried my hair as well as I could. I washed my face and dried my feet and shoes and headed into the doctor's office, noting that not one person in the entire building was as wet as I was.

It was muggy outside and the air conditioning was freezing me. I am happy to note that I knew nary a soul there and a mask was required, so I could pretend to not know anyone I might know. HeWho hogged MY umbrella seemed oblivious to my discomfort. As soon as we were done with his visit, I went into Target and bought a $5 t-shirt for the ride home. 



Joanne Noragon said...

I hope being off Lipitor ups his chivalry.

River said...

How could he not notice you were getting near drowned while he hogged the umbrella?

Val said...

I'm sorry for your drenching, but I can't say I'm surprised. No good deed goes unpunished. That's what you get for making HeWho clear-headed and strong-legged, and equipping him with a rain barrier! Left behind without an umbrella.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

I take Lipitor as well thankfully I haven't had any side effects. Getting drenched sucks but at least we don't melt.