Saturday, May 29, 2021

Part Two: Isn't It Ironic?

 I went to sleep after seeing the twinkling lights of the tow truck flying down the road. The thought did cross my mind that he was probably speeding. I was awakened at the usual hour of 6am by my furry friends and began my day. I fueled up on coffee and slipped away to my garden for a serious weeding session before it got too hot out.

I was in my happy place, having accomplished more that I had planned. I noticed a tiny tomato and my cucumbers and squash that I had just planted already pushing up through the soil. I grabbed a basket and filled it with strawberries and one lone spear of asparagus. It was time to stop, I was dripping sweat and longing for a cool shower.

Throughout my morning activities I am interrupted by the ringing phone, lest you think I was entirely at peace with the world. I had just unlocked the door and provided someone with quarters for the laundry when another camper came up to let me know they would be pulling out. I was on the phone with someone looking for a site for a couple of months they would be working in the area. My camper waited politely while I was explaining to the caller that I would have nothing to offer until June 1st. He could not help but overhear my end of the conversation. He waved at me to tell me he would be pulling out and asked if that would help my caller. It did and she was elated.

The workers that come in and stay a brief time never know when they will be leaving. This particular one had only been here for two weeks and was happy that I refunded half of the month he had paid for. As I was talking to him, a tow truck pulled into my park and proceeded to race down the drive. I know that truck! My husband used to drive when he wore the moniker of HeWho Tows. This must be a new driver, because everyone else knows better.

He was going at least 20mph with a cloud of dust rising up behind him. No way I could have caught up with him without speeding myself and I am very careful not to do that. I feel that I should set the example. My live in campers do, as well, even if HeWho speeds does not.  Besides the door was open and even though it was not time to be open, I was busy and on my own.

When the tow truck came back around to leave, having loaded a truck, everyone heard him hit the speed bump with a loud bang. He took the curve gearing up to go even faster. I was outside with a customer and abandoned her to walk out into the parking lot to have a chat with the driver. I was hot and sticky, not having had that narrow window of opportunity to have my quick morning shower and not in the best frame of mind. I was mad.

I approached the driver's side and had to yell to be heard over the engine. The young man driving had that "deer in the headlights look". Being way up in the cab, he was looking down at me when I asked him if he knew how to read signs. It always amazes me when I tell someone what the speed limit is and they say "I didn't know" and this when I ask if they can read. I am always aware of signage when I am driving and most especially when I am on private property.

I hold up my hand with all five digits stretched out and tell him that the speed limit is 5. The man in the passenger seat chooses to dismount and come around the front of the truck to confront me. I had no problem with him, he was not driving the truck, disobeying my speed limit. I had never seen him before either and he should have stayed in that seat. He never should have told me that I needed to calm down.

I WAS calm until then. His demeanor and the way he stood looking like he was ready to tackle me to the ground if he thought he should, in order to "calm me down" flipped my bitch switch. I ashamed to say that I responded with exactly what I was thinking and I used my sister-in-law's most hated word. Seems like the all the elements of the universe had come together to bring out the worst in me and I let it fly from my mouth. The man looked at me menacingly and I would be willing to bet that he was a bully to women in particular.

By the way, I would have won that bet. The truck left, slowly. I called the owner of the tow company and related the incident to him. He said the driver was actually very nice and respectful and that he knew that he would never speed again on my property. The passenger, who was dressed very similar to the driver was the one I was really complaining about. I thought he might be someone riding along, training. Turned out he was the owner of the truck that had broken down and been towed in with the 5th wheel the night before ... my customer.

I felt bad about it and had every intention of apologizing for my actions. Not just because he was my customer. I had every right to be mad about the speeding. It is a safety issue and a liability issue. What if he had come through this weekend when there would be children on bicycles and people walking their dogs? Nothing to do but wait until the man came back to pay for his stay.

I never got that shower, soaking in my own sweat all day as I was too busy to even go to the bathroom without the phone in my hand. The customer in question called to tell me he had taken his truck in for repairs and rented a car and would stop at the the office to "settle up". He was too nice, making me think "settle up" might have more meaning than simply paying for his stay.

I consider myself to be a pretty good judge of character. I will admit when I am wrong, which is a rare event. I was working on another sign waiting for my day to be over when I saw the car in front of the office. I saw the man standing, leaning on the side of the car (remember that window treatment I applied, you can't see me, but I can see you). He calls me. He says that since I have a mask mandate on my door he can't come in to pay his bill. I ask if he is vaccinated, as that would leave him free to enter without a mask. He tells me it is none of my business and I am breaking the law by asking him. I tell him the reason I am asking and he goes on to tell me that demanding a mask is illegal as well.

Knowing quite well that he is irritating me, he can't seem to shut up and tells me I am violating the HIPPA law. I ignore his attempts to goad me and ask how he plans to pay for his stay. He says he will do it on the phone. Okay with me, the apology I felt he deserved was not going to be forthcoming at this point. I asked how many nights he wants to pay for. Keep in mind the fact that I told him the night before that I was sorry I couldn't offer more than two nights because I was booked solid for the holiday weekend. 

He informs me that he plans to stay through the weekend. I repeated what I had told him and he says we never discussed that. I assure him that I did tell him that. He denies it again and hangs up his phone and drives away, to his site. Laughing. I was watching. I call HeWho rarely gets as angry as I do and repeated what the man said. He said he would go to the site. I couldn't find my go-to guy for help to protect my half hearted husband. I shouldn't have worried, because he saw what was gong on and went over to be the back up man.

He was leaving when he saw me and related the conversation. You might recall that I said I was a pretty good judge of character? I was right about the guy being a bully. He was told to be out by noon the next day and he said no, he would not be. So, my husband with half a heart said, okay, by 10am then. Again, he refused, and he dropped the time to 9am and the bully asked what he was going to do about it if he didn't leave.

I dialed 911. That's what I did about it. The deputy made the man give him the money he owed and brought it to the office, then took the change and receipt back. He told the deputy he would not be staying the night and would be making arrangements to be towed out as soon as possible. He is still here. Campers will be starting to arrive today. Not all of them, most will be arriving tomorrow. A few on Saturday. 

I actually could let him stay until Sunday, having the site that was freed yesterday reserved for Sunday. I could go in my office and rearrange my reservations that I have to accommodate the bully. I could, but I don't want to. I am not going to. I have dug my heels in and will not do it. It was one thing to be rude and menacing to me, but not to my husband!

When noon rolls around he will officially be trespassing and the deputy will return to over see the local tow company tow him to wherever he can find accommodations.

Fun fact, seems that while I was yelling at the tow truck driver I was sporting a pink ball cap with his company's logo on it. Irony?


RunNRose said...

I will be watching to see what happened. That guy seems like a natural bully, for sure. I wonder what happens if he is unable to find a site anywhere? Maybe the town has a place for abandoned vehicles. I do hope your weekend got better! You deserve it.

Kathy G said...

I would have gotten huffy, too. Actually that sounds like a lot of fun.

Joanne Noragon said...

I'm glad to know your local law enforcement knows the law.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

What a prick that guy was,just saying
I hope your day/weekend improved

River said...

Bullies deserve every bad thing that happens to them. I hope he is now gone and not making plans to return and exact revenge. He won't like a stint in jail. I hope the rest of your summer goes smoothly, with plenty of time for showers.

ellen abbott said...

I wouldn't wait til noon. I'd call the local tow truck first thing in the AM since he refused the noon, the 10, and it was left at 9 AM to be out. good thing the sheriff has your back. and you certainly can demand masks on your private property but I'm sure you already know that. I'm surprised he didn't just barge into the store anyway.