Thursday, May 27, 2021

Closing Time

 Fingers crossed that my internet is finally back to somewhat normal. It has been painfully slow, making the necessary things that have to be done on a daily basis next to impossible. Trying to respond to all the email requests that pop up daily required too much time. A phone call or a check-in would make the entire process shut down and I would have to start over.

As you can imagine, I found this outrageously annoying. The heat wave and humidity isn't helping, but the sleep deprivation is making me really short on patience. I can usually fake niceness on the phone, but I was told by one of my children that was on my personal phone while I took a call on the store phone that I was not doing a good job in that department.

The store hours are in plain view right there on the door, just like the night registration packets and the instructions for night registration are at eye level and quite visible. This makes me doubly irritated when someone calls to ask how to use the night registration. Makes me wonder how people have managed to get this far along in life without my constant help.

I work hard. My choice, but when the office is closed and I have provided  a way to accommodate you, why, oh why can't you just read the instructions. They aren't complicated or lengthy, any of my grandchildren could read them and then tell you what to do.

Same with the signs in the park. The speed limit is posted EVERYWHERE. I just made 3 more double sided signs that will go up tomorrow in neon yellow, red and black. My feelings are that if you are not paying enough attention to see at least one of the dozens of signs, then perhaps you shouldn't even be operating a vehicle. I even emphasize the speed limit when I check people in. I have people that live here that feel free to remind speeders of the speed limit. Even if you have never been here before, you should be aware of the speed limit. It is posted.

Last night I closed late. I fielded phone calls from desperate travelers who have just realized that a holiday weekend is coming up and they have failed to make reservations, calls from those who decide to wait until the last minute for their holiday plans, and workers coming into the area for short term jobs. I already have a waiting list of 14 campers if I have a last minute cancellation.

So, when I get a call from someone at AAA looking to help a stranded motorist whose truck pulling their 5th wheel has broken down, I put my nice attitude on and attempt to help. Sounds like a very young woman who has absolutely no clue about RV's or what is needed. She keeps telling me she needs a place for the motorist to park a car. I am asking questions to determine what they need and she keeps on about a car. She did say that a 5th wheel was involved. You can't pull this with a car, you need a truck. How would a car be involved?

Finally, after many questions followed by me waiting while she asked someone else and then got back to me, she gave me the stranded motorists number and I finally determined that they would need a site to have their 5th wheel towed to while their truck was being repaired. No car involved. 

The moral to the story? Don't give the task of finding lodgings to someone who knows nothing about the assignment. They weren't that far away, but they were waiting for a tow truck to get to them. I was tired and it was late, so I put a map in an envelope and taped it to the door with their site number. This was after I told the man that I had a site for two nights only. The holiday weekend coming up is booked solid.

I went to bed. It was very late when I saw the tow truck leaving my park through my bedroom window with all it's lights flashing in red and yellow.

Stay tuned for the rest of the story ...


River said...

From me you get a gold star for managing all that and for doing it ALL the time. I know I couldn't possibly do it without losing my temper. I am sorry that so many people seem to be unable to follow clear directions without waking you up to explain them.

Linda O'Connell said...

You need to go away to a campground to relax and let someone else worry about the phone and doorbell and idiots who cannot follow directions. Woman, you work way too hard. Hope this cool weekend keeps the crazies calmer for you. Enjoy your fur babies.