Monday, August 3, 2020

The Masked Man

Just in case you have been wondering where I have been or if I am not being exposed to situations that prove to be blog worthy, it was just WiFi connections gone crazy.

Still plenty of people coming my way, despite the absence of water in my pool. HeWho is still here to annoy me and say baffling things to make my mind hurt. Finally, the WiFi has been fixed ..... at least this is what HeWho assured me after my constant complaining and nagging. Once again, I must remind everyone that if you have a talent, you must use it or lose it. Mine is nagging.

Losing Kevin has left a Kevin sized hole in my heart (and he was a big guy). I don't know how many times I have started to call or text him before realizing I can't. A train derailed in a small community close by today and HeWho's first thought was to go get Kevin so they could go look at it. Kevin was like an old lady in that respect. If he knew HeWho was going somewhere, he was always ready to ride shotgun. My grandmother would yell at anyone leaving for any destination, "Hold on, let me get my pocket book and I'll go with you!"

I will be missing him forever. He was like the younger brother I never had. When he escorted HeWho to the ER last October, he told the medical staff that he was our son! I was only 12 years older than him and I told him that while HeWho may look old enough to be his Dad, that I certainly was not old enough to have a child as old as him!

But, back to the present. I have become an early riser with the addition of Mr. Bo Jangles. He wakes up between 6:30 and 7:00, ravenous and needing to go outside. Today we got up about 10 minutes before 7. I shooed all the canines out the back door and before I even made coffee, I prepared Bo's dish of food. Dry puppy chow with a generous dollop of canned puppy food all mushed up together. If the food isn't ready right away, he will leap repeatedly at my legs and bark.

I had 3 envelopes on the door for after hour arrivals and curiosity had me looking to see how many showed up. One envelope was still stuck on the door. Still wearing my bedtime attire, I opened the door and kind of stuck my arm to snatch that envelope off the door. 

When I opened the door, I noticed a car sitting in the entrance drive just off the hard top road. Headlamps on, one of those new ones that glows blue and one old one. After I closed the door, locking myself in again, the car moved forward quite fast and parked in front of the office. I retreated to my bedroom to grab some appropriate attire and dressed myself. My hair got no attention, as coffee was still on my mind. By the time I dressed, he was pacing in front of the door.

He was attired in shorts, t-shirt, shoes and socks ... and a knitted cap that covered his head and entire face with only his eyes showing. I was taken aback, as he looked like a stereo-type bank robber. To make the situation even more bizarre, some one has knitted a marijuana leaf on his black cap where his mouth and nose would be. I opened the door and keeping a good grip on the handle of the storm door, I checked my desk to my right to note my wasp spray with-in reach. I was picking up some creepy vibes. When I asked what he wanted, he said he was here to register to vote!

Using my harsh old lady, no nonsense voice, I scowled at him, "What!!" He was staring, unblinking at me the entire time. Then he asked if I had a shower he could use and I replied in the negative. Still no change in his expression, I made a mental note that the leaf on his mask wasn't the only one he was in contact with. He then told me he was lost, that he couldn't find St. Louis. I suggested he get back on the interstate and head east. I was done, so I closed the storm door and locked it (something I don't usually do). I watched as he walked toward his Jeep, ripping the head cover off his face. I decided that he was about the size and build of my older grandson and about the same age, around 25 or so. He got into his vehicle and put a cigarette in his mouth, and backed out.

Then he suddenly put the car in drive and came back! Okay, buddy, you have my attention now! I closed and locked the door and reached for the wasp spray and the phone. I was totally creeped out. He paced back and forth in front of the door, as I watched from my tinted windows. I was about to call HeWho slept peacefully oblivious, knowing he wouldn't hear me if I screamed. He finally got back in his car and left. 

I was unsettled as I drank my coffee. I like to venture outside in early morning to enjoy the solitude and dead head spent flowers as I prepare mentally for the day ahead. Now my plan was ruined! I wasn't so eager to go outside while the rest of the occupants of the park slept. I hope I don't find this fellow in my dreams tonight. It was pretty stupid of me to even open the door. I will be more careful in the future.


Val said...

Something is fishy. Just like the guy we had roaming around out here "selling magazines." WHO EVEN READS MAGAZINES ANYMORE? Or goes door-to-door selling them, to houses on 10-acre plots on a gravel road five miles out of town?

Joanne Noragon said...

You worried me reading it fast as I could to the end to be sure you were OK. Wow. Glad you didn't have to use the bug spray.

River said...

This is scary, you might want to start answering the door with a huge kitchen knife in your hand. Can you contact the local police and have them put a "watch out for this person" alert in the area?
And tell all your current campers too.

Leslie said...

Makes me wonder if he had bad intentions but still wasn't sure if he was going to proceed. Glad it didn't become a bad situation.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

What a weird and strange person I would have locked the door as well