Tuesday, August 4, 2020


Cujo here, my mom has been preoccupied with weeds lately. She used to take that puppy with her, but now he stays inside with all of us dogs. She says he is a little too brave and apt to wander off. She said he used to stay right by her feet, but that now he thinks he is a big dog. I don't know how he could think that! He is not big at all. He will never be as big as me and my Mom says I am not a big dog.

I am not fond of big dogs. Toni Louise is bigger than the rest of us dogs, but she is not all that bright. I recently watched her chase her own tail for a very long time. Even though she "caught" it several times, she let it go and continued to whirl around in circles, still chasing it. See what I mean? Not bright at all. Mom says that she is easily entertained. I suppose that is a nice way of saying she is dumb.

Eddie has befriended Bo. I refuse to call the puppy Mr. Bo Jangles. I doubt he knows his name. Mom is in the habit of calling him Buppy and he will run to her. She says it is a combination of "Bo" and "puppy". I think she is just confusing him and he will never know his real name. Don't tell her I think that, okay.

Anyway, Eddie plays with Bo to try to keep him out of trouble. This might be a noble thing to do, but I quoted my dad and told Eddie he was beating a dead horse. Then I had to explain that it meant you can beat a horse to death only once and that continuing to beat the horse is senseless. Then I had to explain that by his very nature, the puppy was going to get in trouble, no matter how much he played with him, rendering his plan useless.

Despite that, Eddie tries. Eddie could be cuddled with me on the sofa napping. I miss the warmth of his body. I am getting older, you see, and I like to be cozy and warm all the time. The puppy will sometimes cuddle up next to us and sleep. I like him best when he is sleeping or when he gets distracted long enough for me to slip in and eat his puppy food.

I get scolded for eating the puppy food. Mom says I already eat too much and that I am lazy and fat. Then she went on and on about the fat content in the puppy food not being good for me. I pretended to listen, but I am not really interested and I am not going to stop stealing his food. It is tastier than ours. The puppy steals bits of our food all the time! 

When Mom fills our water dish, Bo gets in the dish and wades around. I am beginning to think he might be a dumb dog, like Toni Louise. I wonder why she has two names? I only have one name. Eddie is Charming Eddie and Bo is Mr. Bo Jangles. It must have something to do with intelligence, as I would appear to be the most intelligent one here. Yes, that must be the reason.


Linda O'Connell said...

Oh my gosh this made me day. So sweet and funny and fun!

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

A bloody good and funny post

Joanne Noragon said...

Thanks for letting us know what your mom is up to. She gets lost in those weeks a week at a time.

Val said...

You make some good points, Cujo, concerning the smarts of your cohorts. I know Bo is too young to write about what's going on. I can only imagine that a report from Toni Louise would read like one of those EAT MOR CHIKIN billboards...