Friday, August 28, 2020

Pay Attention

 It has been an incredibly long day. Campers began arriving shortly after noon. This cuts severely into my garden time! The weather is not helping. It is extremely humid outside, discouraging me from running in and out, only to be sweaty and smelly.

HeWho fancies himself to be a knower of all things has pretty much screwed up our wi-fi here. Not the park, mind you, buy MY wi-fi. HeWho constantly looks for new things, is always buying gadgets that are supposed to enhance our signal. He had one system working quite well until it didn't, so he ordered a replacement.

So, you are no doubt thinking, what is the problem? The problem is that he had set it up with a password. Yes, you must be thinking, this is a good idea. Just like my Apple password and ID he set up for me, he can't remember the password. His passwords NEVER correlate to anything a normal person would think of. There may be a pet name thrown in there, but the rest of it is just a series of letters, symbols and numbers he pulls out of the air (bet you thought I was going to name another place he could pull things from). Does he share this information with me? No, he does not and then when I need that information he acts like he had nothing to do with it at all.

Surely there is a way to get the password, or change the password. But he has lost interest in this particular endeavor and has moved his attention on to something else. I am online right now with the system that the entire park uses. I could be thrown off any second. This will cause me undo stress and make me want to shake him. I will have to get really upset, then he will set out to research that password.

And this all could have been avoided had he simply let me pick the password or written the password down. I swear I would have eaten the paper he wrote it on after memorizing it. We don't have a lot of top secret stuff that needs protection from the world at large. And if you happened to see a series of numbers and letters with a few odd symbols thrown in written in my reservation book, I doubt you would think about what it was for.

Today would have been my oldest son's 50th birthday. I feel old! It has been 10 years since he died. It should be easier to think about, time being a great resolver of feelings. I have to confess that it isn't. This, too shall pass.

The park is getting full tonight, with lots of travelers on the road. I find that I am easily annoyed today. A man and his wife come in and when I get to the part where I am showing them how to get to there site is goes downhill. I speak clearly. I enunciate and I am pretty good at giving directions. Plus, I employ the use of a high lighter, drawing the route to your site as I tell you where you are going.

The conversation went something like this: "This is where you pulled in and you are right here, already headed in the correct direction. So, you go down this road, the one that says 'Bullfrog BLVD' and 'ONE WAY'. Stay on this gravel road until you come around the curve. You will be faced with a 'Y' in the road. Go to your left onto Ribbit Road, then back to your right onto Frog Hollow and look for site 32 and then just pull in. Easy in, easy out. I say all of this without interruption. If you ever carry on a conversation with me, you might find it hard to interrupt me.

So, the man stands there staring at the map and looks outside at his camping vehicle and says, "So, I need to turn around?" I am shaking my head in the negative as he goes on to ask, "How do I back in to this site?" I look at his wife and see that she is thinking pretty much what I am thinking. "Okay, you need to pay attention." I say before going through the whole thing again. To my credit, I didn't laugh out loud or even ask the man if he was an idiot. The mask is a good thing. You are unable to see most of my face. Now, if I could just control my eyes .....


Val said...

I'm pretty sure you could have driven ahead of him to show him the way, and he would have gotten lost without his wife to help.

River said...

When you get to that last point just hand the drawn map to the wife, she'll get him where he is supposed to be.

Debby said...

Aww, I didn't know you, too lost a son. It will be 18 years since my 25 yr old passed away suddenly. Us, Moms never forget.

Joanne Noragon said...

Cathy, it's good to hear from you again. All I can say is I am so grateful I do not have your job.
I realize how old I've become when I think of all the relatives I've lost. But still the worst, my brother when he was 28. I hope he bumps into your son, and they scatter some cosmos on us.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

MEN Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

It took me a while to get it into hubby that when you create a passsword write it down till you can remember it offhand.

Kathy G said...

Your directions sounded easy to me!

dkzody said...

And even with a written map! I've had students like your camper fella. They need lots of attention.

As for face coverings masking your true feelings, boy that's the case here. I do not have a poker face and all of my feelings get expressed through my face. With the mask on, now, people don't know what I'm thinking!

Linda O'Connell said...

They shouldbe glad you wear a mask. I'm afraid my eyes speak volumes, too. That was too much for the camper to process. He heard you say PULL IN and he visualized TURN around. LOL Sorry about your son. That must be a constant ache in your heart.