Friday, November 20, 2015

Cold Weather, Sealed Windows

I woke to the sound of dog toenails tap-tapping across the floor. My right shoulder gasped in pain as I attempted to drag myself from the depths of sleep ...... but when a dog's gotta go, a dog's gotta go......

So I stumbled along, flip flops on the wrong feet, to the back door, surprised to discover I had slept for SIX HOURS STRAIGHT!!!! No wonder my jaw hurt and my shoulder burned, I had been in the same position with my mouth agape and my arm flung over my head. This never happens. I am usually up every three hours or so with my old man dog, Oscar.

Painting and weather contributes to the shoulder stiffness. Supposed to get really cold this weekend. The rain last week revealed another leak in the roof and after only two trips for supplies, He Who repairs things on high seems confidant that he has fixed the problem. I will report on that later, after it rains again

In the meantime, He Who has never concerned himself with weather proofing the house before, has turned into a predictor of freezing temps and doom and gloom. He wanted to tape plastic over the windows. I suggested that he simply close the storm windows. It hasn't been that cold yet. My zinnias are still blooming, for heaven's sake.

So, he closed the storm windows and is still yearning to seal this place up with plastic. Today he actually started making the boxes to cover the air conditioners! I asked for them about 7 years ago and every year since. He will usually do some lame thing with a tarp and gorilla tape (duct tape is so yesterday, you know). He has even been known to try to wrap the window units with trash bags. The wind that funnels through here is ferocious and makes short work of ripping his solutions away, leaving pieces of tape flapping.

I suggested that a box be constructed and insulated. Said box could be screwed over the unit in the months that it is not being used. When needed, one could simply unscrew the box and store it until needed again. I was hoping it could be make long before needed and I could paint it. But, never you mind, better late than never.

Just one little worry here. Last night, before my SIX HOUR nap, I was up with my furry friends for one last trip to the grass. I thought it was really warm inside, as I was sweating. I took a little peak at the temp. It was EIGHTY-FIVE degrees in here! I had gone to bed early with a nagging headache (probably due to the excessive heat). I don't know that I want to be sealed up in the building all winter with no east access to fresh, cool air!

Okay, this is a secret. Sometimes, I wait until He Who is asleep and I open the window. Well, maybe not just sometimes, but more often than not. The window is on my side of the bed and I sleep so much better when the room is on the chilly side. He is none the wiser and I bet he sleeps better, as well.


Sondra said...

This reminds me of my "married" years I almost gave up on coffee it tasted so bad every morning...then I found my "who" was putting SALT in our coffee in his mind it offset the acidity. (and raised our BP)

Val said...

It's all or nothing, isn't it? It's gotta be done! Right now! The minute he thinks of it!

Today we had blowing snow and a temp of 34, with about a 40 mph wind. Hick decided to do some touch-up painting. In the house. While we're sealed in. He couldn't have picked any other time over the last three years to do it. Like when the temps were in the low 70s last week.

Kathy G said...

I like it MUCH chillier in the bedroom than Hubby does. I figure it's easier for him to put on more covers I set the thermostat for what works for me.