Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Scary Selfie

Another selfie attempt. He Who has longer arms took the phone and took the picture. We look like cartoon characters.

I seem to have struck a nerve with my last post about pharmaceutical companies. While I do realize that we need research for better solutions to so many diseases and that is quite costly. The money has to come from somewhere and that is why the cost of drugs is so expensive. 

That being said, their profit margins would appear to be in the extreme. Greed? I don't know, all I know is that the advertising makes me crazy. The sales reps give the drugs to the doctors. The doctors then decide which of their patients might benefit from the drugs, weighing the side effects against the benefits of the drug. I always thought of this as another trial of the drug, using real people.

I always tell my doctor I want an established drug if at all possible. I don't want to participate in a class action suit in the future. But ....... if I had a debilitating disease that was not responding to the prescribed therapy, I would be willing to try anything. My dad told his oncologist that he would be willing to try experimental drugs. If they worked, great, if not, then, perhaps it could benefit the research.

Pharmacies cannot "take back" drugs. Upon leaving the pharmacy, the drugs cannot be returned, lest they have been tampered with. This applies to over the counter medications as well. If they do come back to the pharmacy, they have to be destroyed. A good reason to check your prescriptions before you leave the pharmacy. Open the bottles and look at them. If they aren't the same shape or color you have had in the past, question why.

Down from my soap box. I like to paint. I like the instant results. I have been painting my kitchen cabinets. My space is small, so I can only do a small section at a time. Needs two coats and the drying time is 24 hours since I am using oil based paint. I painted ceiling first, then started on the cabinets.

In between I worked on a new sign. Double sided. One side thanks the campers for coming and the other side is another attempt at directing traffic to the correct entrance.

Only time will tell if this sign is working.


Val said...

You know those yayhoos are gonna drive up that road anyway, right? No matter how big or bright or menacing you make a sign. You're better off putting your selfie on a sign right behind it, with a threat. "NOW WE'RE GONNA GET YOU!" At least they'll sleep with one eye open.

Anonymous said...

Your selfie is wonderful. Wish I could get them to look so menacing. Mine look like I've been sick for a long time.

Linda O'Connell said...

Ha! I love your selfie. Campers used to be nice, but these young whipper snappers today just want to buck authority. They don't smile, nod or greet old timers at the campgrounds. Do you get winter campers? I love that froggie sign.