Sunday, September 20, 2015

The Killer Wasp

I have remained uninspired of late. Nothing seems worth writing about. My mind is either in over- drive or just plain numb.

Grieving is a strange process. I still find myself picking up the phone to call my Dad. I talk to Mama instead and sometimes we cry, but mostly we remember all the good things my Dad did. It is good for us, I think. I mean, you do have to cry and laugh and it is easier to do that with someone sharing your pain.

I have been staying busy, it helps to be really tired when you fall into bed. All the preparation for next week's wedding has been done and all I need to do is pack it all into the motor home.

Friday proved to be a cloudy day and I decided to get my mowing out of the way. Rushing along, planning my next move as I went along, I spied a birdhouse on the ground. I stopped the mower, as I prepared to go to the next patch of my assigned mowing. On my way to turn off the water ( I had started the sprinklers as I mowed), I mindlessly stooped and picked up the house to replace it on the stump I had placed it on in the Spring.

Big mistake. Wasps had taken a liking to it and set up housekeeping inside. I disturbed them and was soon engulfed in an angry swarm. Flapping my arms, like a mad woman, and running in circles, I thought I had escaped when I felt the sharp sting on the top of my foot. I swiped at the wasp and he fell to the ground dead ..........

I looked around to see if my unfortunate event had any witnesses and then went inside to put the after sting stuff on my bite. Could not find it, so I used some of the stuff one uses for arthritis. It worked! The burning pain was gone, so I continued with my mowing. I even weeded in the playground and painted two benches. I felt fine.

After several hours of working outside I went inside and tried to remove my shoe. My ankle was really swollen. I prodded at it and discovered that it really hurt. The swelling continued throughout the afternoon and I sat with it propped up and iced. By bedtime I was hobbling around with a cane.

I was sure that by Saturday morning I would be fine. It was just a stupid wasp, right? But upon awakening to find both hands scratching at my ankle, I found the swelling to be more, not less. And the itching was insane. I smeared the area with Caladryl and soldiered on. I hobbled out to make coffee and then iced the foot again. That was the last productive thing I did.

I took some Benadryl and slept the afternoon away with ice on my ankle. I could barely walk. Funny thing is, that the actual bite was on the top of my foot, but felt like I had been injected directly in the joint.

So, here I am, again with the Benadryl and ice, sitting in front of the TV trying to stay alert. The swelling appears to have subsided, but my toes are stiff and unbending today. Just as long as I can get my shoes on for the wedding, it's all good.


Joanne Noragon said...

Don't take it so lightly Kathy, please. Tell your doctor; he'll prescribe you an epi pen, without question, as you have demonstrated such a severe reaction. And that is only from a sting on your foot. Consider on your chest or neck! Mean little boogers, those wasps.

Val said...

YES! I was about to tell you to check on whether you have an allergy to stings. Sounds like you do.

Linda O'Connell said...

Sounds like a bad reaction. You need to let the doctor know. Hope you don't come across anymore stingers. Grieving is hard. My heart goes out to you.

joanne said...

ouch, get thee to the dr. Hope you feel better soon. I love your posts, I can just picture you looking like a crazed, hot flashing, nut out in the yard. I know, not funny.