Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Day Two and Day Three

Day Two dawned bright and early with a cranky old dog demanding to go out. I crawled out of the bed (unwillingly) with the old guy in my arms. I had hoped the others would wait a bit, but Toni and Cujo decided to go out with Oscar. Wall-E, the gentleman, stayed in the bed with He Who sleeps.

As I struggled with Toni and the tangling of the leashes, I figured it was the least I could do, since He Who drives did all the driving. So, I opened the door and nearly fell out. The steps did not come out as they were supposed to. It was still dark out and I was in my night gown. I was hoping no one would be out and about as I waited for the canine peeing to commence. I did not turn on any lights and am quite sure my re-entrance to the RV was interesting, if not spectacular. I am short with short limbs. I am old with old joints.

I did not think it would be possible to go back to sleep, but I did. After showering and drinking a minimal amount of coffee, the Bride collected her parents for lunch. Lunch ended and the father of the bride was deposited back at the camper to tend dogs and nap while the mother of the bride ran errands with the bride. Ate a sandwich upon my return and fell into bed.

Little did I know that the next day would be even more hectic!! The mani/pedi event was on the schedule, then lunch with some of the bridesmaids, including my beautiful granddaughter and her mom, my beautiful daughter.

Layla, my granddaughter, had her very first pedicure and informed her mom that this would need to be a regular thing. The man taking care of Layla's beautiful feet took one look at my calloused and grass stained toes and heels and proclaimed that he would definitely NOT be doing my pedicure. I guess he does not like a good challenge!

Freshly skinned and painted we hit the sushi bar with gusto. Well, not Layla. She picked daintily at her food and I ate what she didn't ........ me being one not to waste. I polished off a basket of soy beans like a starving cow. Could be that the bride did not allow me more than a few sips of coffee before she spirited me away.

The men had haircuts and head massages, then met at my son's house to prepare the food for the rehearsal dinner. My son and daughter-in-law graciously offered their home for the event. A big tent graced the back yard and tables and chairs were rented to host the 60 or so in attendance. It was a Mexican themed dinner, so there was lots of chopping and dicing of meat and veggies.

I met the best of the best men (there were two) and he is single! I don't know why this man is single, because he would be quite a catch. He was a trooper, let me tell you. He worked all day in the kitchen and even washed all the dishes. I love a man with dishpan hands! Such a shame I don't have any more daughters. I do like to pick my own sons-in-law. My first one is the best! I didn't pick Chad, but must say that my daughter did a great job!

The massive amounts of food proved to be way too much, but the kids will have plenty of food for the week! The dinner was a huge success and we left for our temporary home pleasantly full and ready for bed. He Who loves me even handled the dogs so I could simply fall into bed. Too bad sleep evaded me ........


Linda O'Connell said...

Sounds like a really fun memory filled event. That image of you almost tumbling out of the camper made me snicker. Blessings to the bride and groom and family.

Val said...

Thank goodness you were able to get back in the RV, because everybody but HeWho would have heard you hollering for help!

dkzody said...

So glad you were having a good time. You deserved it.