Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The Big Day

After a fitful sleep I awoke the day of the wedding and quickly got ready to be at the hotel by 10 am, per the instructions of the bride. I was delivered on time and could see the room from the van. Her dress was hanging in the window. The room was filled with bridesmaids in various stages of being made ready. Hair was being done elsewhere and make-up was being applied in her room. It was a little bit of chaos. My daughter-in-law was acting as the bride's personal assistant and was dealing with all the last minute details.

Me? My role was a sounding board for anything the bride wanted to vent. You know you can always holler at your mom. That is the one person who loves you more than anyone and will forgive anything. The photographer was right in the midst of it all grabbing candid shots. I could usually catch him when he tried to get me. I am a little worried about the times I missed him, though.

I had to lace up the back of the dress. I watched a video while I was having my pedicure and it looked simple enough. Between the picture taker stopping me and the bride asking if I knew what I was doing, things began to feel a little complicated. I toyed with the idea of placing my foot in the small of her back to tighten it, but decided against it. Mothers and daughters, you know ......... After I was all done she had the matron of honor reassure her that my work was correct. The bridal party left for pictures and I was suddenly without anything to do. Thought about a nap, but I had to get dressed myself.

My daughter-in-law treated me to a professional make-up. I was slightly disappointed, since I did not look any younger when I was done. I stuffed myself into the fake Spanks I had purchased. This was a very undignified procedure, but once on, they did not come off for the next eight hours! My dress fit perfectly and I ditched the hose. One of the bridesmaids put leg make-up on my legs!

After more pictures with the families and more standing around, it was finally time for the actual ceremony. My son escorted me to my seat and shortly after that my granddaughters came down the aisle holding the roses designated for all those loved ones who had gone on to heaven. I had one of my Dad's rings on my finger and missed his presence as I sat waiting for my baby daughter to enter on the arms of her daddy and her son.

The processional song was "I Can't Help Falling In Love With You". Tears welled in my eyes as I watched her Dad hand her to the groom. I was doing okay until my new son-in-law choked up saying his vows. I gave up and just let the tears fall. I couldn't help but wonder about the make-up my daughter-in-law paid for. Fifty bucks! Running down my cheeks.

The reception was so much fun. My little girl can plan and execute a wedding! The DJ was great and Adrienne and Gavin had a dance that was choreographed by his dance teacher. My sweet boy has got some moves! Not to be outdone, granddaughter Zara danced her little heart out all night long. I danced with granddaughters and grandson. It just occurred to me that I never got a dance with the father of the bride!

Rumor has it that someone said the man I married so long ago looked like a millionaire. Must have been the haircut and head massage, or the tuxedo. I suppose I can now call him He Who Looks Like A Millionaire. Or not.

It was a magical night and I can't wait to see the pictures.

This is just a taste. The granddaughters. Jada, Maya, Layla and her best friend, Allie. That is Zara in the middle.


Linda O'Connell said...

What a delightful picture and I am certain you have memories to talk about for a lifetime. "Must have been the head massage..." LOL.

Val said...

I hope the pictures of you turn out at least one-tenth as joyful as that one!