Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Escape Day

After the first season of owning a campground we decided that we should each choose one day of the week to be "off ". Couldn't be a weekend, of course, but everybody needs some time off, right?

So after much discussion about how it would work, we each chose a day and agreed that the one left "on duty" would handle everything and not bother the one "off ". Sounds like a plan. None of the "ladies first" stuff with he who wanted a day off. He went first. He left the premises and had a day off. He did end up running some errands, but that is what happens on any one's day off.

My turn came. I asked work camper Sharon if she would like to go with me and we hopped in my VW bug and took off for the mall in Columbia. We did manage to get lost because I called he who is directionally challenged and he had us take the wrong exit, but we found a JoAnn's fabric store, so it was all good. This particular store had not undergone a remodel and was jammed so tight with merchandise one could barely navigate the aisle, but that is another story.

We found the mall, with a Target as the anchor and we strolled the aisles and hunted bargains and then had lunch. Both of us tired with full stomachs, we headed home. There was construction on the interstate and one lane of traffic. We were not moving fast and at times stopped. There was a huge semi in front of my little car and one behind me. The one behind me was really close.

I was watching him in my mirror, then looked away for a second to say something to Sharon. We felt a bump, then Sharon turned and looked at the truck as he hit us again. She was getting a little hysterical, telling me to get out of his way. There was literally no where to go. We were under an overpass and had concrete barriers on both sides. I don't know why I was able to keep my cool and calmly tell her to get my phone out of my purse and dial 911, but I did. Sharon swears the trucker looked her in the eye and that he was crazed.

When we finally made it out from under the by pass and I pulled over, we watched the truck race by us. The tag was on the far left of his truck and there were no identifying logos to be read on the side. The state trooper on the phone with me pretty much told me there was nothing he could do. Sharon got out and looked at the damage to my car. I eased back onto the interstate and drove home. in the slow lane. We had suddenly run out of conversation. It was the longest ride ever and as soon as I was back on the premises, he who had his time off decided that I did not need an entire day.

We abandoned that plan. Seems he who loves to be on the move does not appreciate the confinement of the store. I am not all that fond of it myself, but I tolerate it better than he does. Still, sometimes I need to be away from here. For my sanity. I call it escape day. These days are not scheduled, but if you know me you will become aware of my need for one.

Today was escape day. I went to Mexico. Mexico, Missouri, that is. The WalMart in Mexico has not abolished the fabric department. I fondled fabric and had 21 pieces cut. Got some great deals, too. I went on from there to obtain necessities for the store and home and was gone all morning and into the afternoon. I am here in my prison now whiling away the hours until closing. Not too bad, though, my psyche is at peace. I have new fabric to play with.

This trip went a lot better than my first escape day. And I do not like to be in front of big trucks!


Linda O'Connell said...

Holy baloney you were sandwiched in. I'd have been freaking out. There's something about buying fabric that makes the trip all
worthhwile. When I used to sew, my family knew better than to bother me until I was finished with the project. Glad you had a good day.

joanne said...

You did better than I ever could, there is no way I would be anything but hysterical...there may even have been bloodshed!

Joanne said...

Holey moley, that is scary. Maybe your rogue guy went on to play thumper with the truck in front and got thumped back.

Brian Miller said...

holy cow on the truck ramming you...that is insane...what a day off eh?

Val said...

I am hyperventilating just thinking about the truck sandwich. Several years ago, I was trapped on ice-covered I-44 between St. James and Rolla. It was a freak spring sleet storm. Trucks in front, trucks behind, and trucks to the side. I had to close my eyes to keep from flipping out. Oh, I was a passenger, not the driver.

Mamma has spoken said...

Scary story about the semi-truck! I've notice lately that the drivers of these trucks have gotten really bad and aggressive on the the roadways even here and I drive an SUV!

Pat said...

That trucker could have crushed you like a bug! No pun intended! Dirty rat bastard!

Most truckers are nice - but that guy? Not so much!

A day out and away from the business sounds great - but even an afternoon would be great.

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

what a dirty bat rastard! what an idiot. he could have really hurt you guys. glad you're ok.

a day out sounds like fun. just what you needed!

Venom said...

Are you kidding me?? What the hell are the troopers FOR if not to go after DANGEROUS drivers???

SkippyMom said...

I am just glad you guys are okay. I can't even begin to imagine the damage he could've done. What the hell was he thinking? Bless you.

It doesn't sound very fair, with the way things worked out, but you are such a good soul I can see you taking up the slack to let him loose. Glad you got some fabric to play with. I actually cut down a dress the other day and zipped up the hem on my machine - first sewing I have done in 3 [?] years. I almost wept it was sooo much fun. I miss it so much. And Pooldad really liked the "new" dress. [I have to something loose, comfortable and above the knee to travel in the car, otherwise I get caught up trying to get in and out.]

Now I want to go to our Jo Ann's - it cracks me up how stuffed they can make that store, but the goodies to be had are worth the pick through. :)

Enjoy your fabric. Hugs [and again, SO glad you are okay.]

labbie1 said...

Just popping in to say Happy Birthday! Hope you get the day off! :)