Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Snow Cones, Possums, Birds and Cats

I over slept this morning and didn't drag myself up out of the bed until 9. I was up at 6:30 to take the dogs out and since all was quiet in the kitten kennel I crept back to my bed ........... intending to just lay there a bit longer.

Little Martha was frantic for her bottle by then and the dogs were jealous of the kitten in my arms and had to have treats and I am just now having my first cup of coffee. I am now 2 hours behind schedule. No leisurely cup of coffee today.

So, as the kampground was filling up on Friday, the first requests for snow cones came in. I dutifully grabbed the ice and trudged to my trusty machine. I filled the hopper and turned her on. Made all the noise it usually does, but refused to shave down the ice into the bin. Had to turn them away. He who is wont to fix all things and leave behind parts after reassembly came in to refill his ever present Bubba mug with nectar of diet Coke.

"Honey, the snow cone machine isn't working." He marched over and flipped the switch. The motor came on and he said, "It's working." as he rushed out the door. Thank goodness the master of all things mechanical happened in. Rich is a genius at tinkering and came to my rescue. The thingy that turns the blades had come loose. Rich used different words than "thingy".

While we had it apart and he showed me what was wrong and how to fix it (okay, really, if it happens again and he is in the park, does he really think that I will fix it?), I discovered a sticker atop the machine that had a local distributor of syrups and supplies. I ordered mine and had to pay shipping! In my defence, I am short and have to have a platform to stand on to even reach the hopper to put the ice in and that is why I never saw the sticker before.

Thanks to Rich, I sold about 100 snow cones.

First day of the holiday yielded a big catch. This skinny legged man is he who will try to take credit for a catch. Says he is only holding the fat grass carp to "weigh" it. He proclaims "might be 25 lbs".

Is it me or does this fish look curvy? Maybe it is a female fish laying on what used to be MY golf cart. It has so many tools and crap on it now, that everyone knows who uses it most.

I got a shot of her face. She does looked surprised, doesn't she? After all the attempts on her capture and the near misses and great escapes ........ I bet she has a story to tell.

The killdeer is still alive and her eggs had not hatched as of late last night. That mean old possum is still in residence here at the kampground. He has lost most of his hair and is hunch-backed. I spied him headed to the eggs night before last. I gave chase in my tool laden golf cart. Mama Killdeer was on the job and had screeched her way to the embankment of the pond. As I approached, she went back to her eggs safe in the knowledge that I was there to rescue her. I chased the ugly old possum into the cattails by the pond. I almost ran over him at one point.

This possum has been here forever. He has the audacity to stand his ground and hiss at me! He likes cat food and I once saw him leaving the lair of the old kampkat Spooky. She shared her food and her makeshift shelter with him. How long do possums live? I guess they live long if they live in a kampground where food is readily available, as well as shelter; eliminating the need to cross the road. He is currently residing in the barn where the fish food is stored ....... and apparently shared.


Brian Miller said...

i am glad the killdear is still alive...come on babies!!! and what a catch, oh my...that is a meal or two...or three...and glad you got the sno cone machine working it was hot...

Joanne said...

A days' worth of adventures and crammed into two less hours. Please to hear all is well with birds, sno cones and hopefully kitty.

Mamma has spoken said...

So happy to hear that the bird eggs are still safe! Good job protecting them!

lotta joy said...

After a long storm yesterday I was outside checking the garden when I started to open the front door and saw a bat sheltered in the corner above it.

He Who Can Never Do What He Says offered to "Knock it down and kill it."

I stared at him in shock, then realized it would never happen.

Like you, I've taken many photos of the poor, misguided creature and after nightfall when he still hadn't left...a soft broom sent him on his way.

joanne said...

My dog 'caught' a possum once and brought it to me...I just about died. I threw a bucket over it as it layed there playing possum and then told the hubs I had left something out back for him to take care of. He lifted up the bucket and the ugly buck toothed varmint hissed at him and well...I never saw a possum fly until that day. Gawd what ugly creatures.

squawmama said...

Thanks for comming by Kathy ~ you are not quirky... I understand rules and love them but not expecting a dog to bark is crazy... however a dog who barks all the time is horrible and that is a problem. Love you new little fur baby ~ so darling♥ Glad you had a successful weekend... we really enjoyed ours too!
Have fun