Thursday, May 24, 2012

Can Dogs Tell Time?

I checked on my bird today. I was hoping that the eggs had hatched. She was not happy to see me. I seem to have ruffled her feathers.

She screeched at me and I mimicked her until the feathers went down. She allowed me to get fairly close and the eggs are still there. Maybe tomorrow. If she is still there in the morning I am going to move a big rock close to her so that a tire won't roll over her eggs. I am afraid to bring too much attention to her plight. I will be full of holiday hooligans and would go to jail if I saw an egg fight. He who would try to protect me says I have a tendency to over-react.

This what the pool looked like as I was raking up some stuff last night. It is a lot fuller now. I slipped off my flip-flops and waded in awhile ago. It is quite bracing! Took my breath away. We have a fire hose to fill with, but it sucks the water pressure out of the entire park. Should be full by morning.

My lilies are blooming. Hope they don't get picked this weekend.

Iris about to bloom, too.

Recycle ....... this is for cans. It should say cans, not aluminum. Have to speak plainly here in these parts!

Mr. Frog graces the wishing well. I planted some sweet pea in there, hoping it will climb, since the petunias don't seem to want to wave.

Despite the wind and storms, my peach tree is still heavy with peaches. So much so that I had to put a support under one limb. It was on the ground. I was lucky to find this limb in the wood pile. It was all notched and ready to be of service.

Just a few things to finish and I will be ready for the weekend. Remember Herman's Hermits? They sang that repetitive song about Henry VIII. That is how I feel every morning when I drag myself up and out of the sweet confines of my bed. Second verse, same as the first.

No alarm clocks needed here. Wall-E gets up up every morning at 7. He was off a little this morning and got me up at 6 instead. All day long I have been longing for that last hour of sleep. If this happens again I will be getting the dog a watch!


Brian Miller said...

ouch on that extra hour...still hoping for that bird and the hatching before the weekend...pool looks nice...would not mind a dip right now...

Mamma has spoken said...

Pool looks great!
But here's my question/concern/thought: Even if the eggs hatch tomorrow, would the baby birds be able to leave the nest? Not to sound mean but I'd rather see an egg fight then a baby bird fight....

Kathy G said...

I'm sure, with the hot weather we're having, the pool temperature will be just right in no time.

SkippyMom said...

The pool is looking great, [that's about as effusive as I can get about a pool at this point. Forgive me and you know why. hee] I REALLY like the wishing well with Mr. Frog and sweet pea. That will be even cuter if it decides to grow. Neat.

And I don't think if the eggs hatch anyone would be stupid [or cruel] enough to toss babies birds at each other like they would eggs. But you wouldn't be overreacting in either case. It wouldn't surprise me. sigh

I hope you get some rest and the crazies aren't out in full force this weekend.

A girl can wish, right?

Joanne said...

You have a great weekend and enjoy yourself along with all the hard work. We all will be thinking about the bird.

Linda O'Connell said...

I hope you can catch a few winks as the season begins this weekend. Enjoy.

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

well, you're well into your holiday weekend now. i hope it is going well and you don't have too many societal challenges camping out.

your park is looking lovely, as usual. love the wishing well. the peach tree looks amazing - love fresh peaches!

can't wait to see pictures of the baby birdies.

hope you get some rest this weekend.

lotta joy said...

I hate to see your lovely campground inundated with kids and their parents. (can you tell I'm not a people person?) But it gives you an income and I'm all for that! I wish you could put a few bear traps around the nest and, 'he who would be forced to defend me' knows how I would react to an egg/baby bird throw-down. There would be crime scene tape all over the campground.

Post announcements on the trees stating: "The wildlife enjoys this area just as you do. DO NOT RUIN IT FOR THEM"


Pat said...

I hope your first big holiday weekend hasn't been too hectic, and I hope the bird eggs survived - or hatched! It was in the 90's here in Chicago today, so that cold water would have felt great!