Monday, April 30, 2012

Bird Memories and Attack Frogs

Camper Sue gifted me this sign, knowing my frog obsession. It is proudly displayed so that all who enter can see it. I have just one question .... am I the attack frog?

 The weather does not heed signs. I took this picture as the hail was drumming my roof. Looks like a waterfall, but is is the hail and rain coming off the roof.

The side yard. Looks like it snowed!

In the back yard, Toni Louise was beside herself as she tried to choose one to chew on. She loves ice. It is like a treat to her. I tried to encourage the other guys to join her in the yard, but Wall-E was having none of that. He was traumatized by the beating on the roof. Oscar just looked at me disdainfully and returned to his bed for a nap.

I ventured out to check my trees and plants for damage. Those are peaches on the ground. Hundreds of them, it seemed. I was sad about that.

Looks like I have plenty left on the tree, though.

The rain barrel is overflowing.

Remember the bird that chased me from the laundry room? She was determined to build her nest in a sheltered area. This was her next stop. On the front porch atop the shade I installed for my Mama and Daddy. They like to sit in the rockers on the front porch in the late afternoon.

The nest has eggs in it, so I won't disturb it until her babies can fly. She is tolerant of me as I water plants and sweep. I did swing the broom at her in my flight from the laundry room. Do birds have memories?

It was not a good weekend to camp with the hail storm blowing through. It rained yesterday morning and cleared up in the afternoon. Rained in the night and was still raining this morning. I walked out in the mist to see if anything was popping through the soil in the garden. I can hear the ground trying to absorb all the water and the grass needs attention, but, it is way too wet.

So, today is a house cleaning day.


ellen abbott said...

it could rain here. this time last year it had already quit raining for the year. the last rain we got was over a week ago. the remaining peaches should get bigger now. my neighbor tells me that if there are too many on one branch, they tend not to get as big.

Mamma has spoken said...

It's been a weird spring here too. Blazing hot one day, freezing cold the next. Tonight it's severe thunderstorms...

Joanne said...

Glad you have peaches left. Warm off the tree, to die for. Your storms are coming through here tonight. Weather remains bizzarre.

otin said...

I just saw a video of baseball sized hail not too long ago. It's amazing how destructive it can be.

Such a waste of good peaches...I love peaches.

Val said...

I love the pic of Toni Louise in the hail. I'm sure she could not believe her good fortune!

Lorenza said...

I have seen it only once in my life... and I did not like it!
Cleaning days.... hmmmm....
Take care
Kisses and hugs

Jo-Anne's Rambling said...

Wow I love hail if I am inside and don't have to go out in it.......I love that sign about the attack frog I think it would be cool to have an attack

Chickadee said...

That looks like a Phoebe nest! And birds do return to the same territories and nest in the same, or nearly, places. Lucky duck!

I'd love to get that attack frog sign for someone in my family. I wonder where your friend bought it.

It also looks like we may be in the same state. ;)

Linda O'Connell said...

Glad that hail storm stayed North and West of St. Louis and missed us. My friend lost her roof, windows and siding. Love that shot of your dog eating hailstones. That is too cute. That frog sign is awesome.

SkippyMom said...

It would be "nap" day for me. But I don't have your responsibilities. I do love to sleep when it storms, hails, snows, rains - you name it. It is so cozy in my bed watching and listening to the world outside. It's like my lullabye I suppose.

I hope you got a lot accomplished today. I think it is nice of you to leave Momma bird alone. Our resident wrens always build their nest in our dryer vent and we have to evict them. 6 years and they still haven't gotten the clue.

The peaches look great. Sorry you lost so many on the ground, but the tree does look full.

Linda Lou and Senor, Too said...

What a wonderful blog. Love it!

Venom said...

WTH? How do you have peaches in April?