Monday, April 9, 2012

Handsome Devil

 My sweet old boy, Oscar. He doesn't look old, except for his silver bracelets on his front paws. Still a handsome little devil, isn't he?

 Oscar and I were missing Emmy today. Wall-E and Toni Louise were outside running endless laps around the freshly mowed back yard. Oscar has no desire to run and play with the young ones. He misses his mate. I almost never take my dogs out into the park during the season. Toni Louise escapes occasionally, but that's another story.

Oscar is known for his stubborn independence, but he does know better than to run from me. For a treat I took him outside with me for a walk.

 We checked out some gardens. Oscar was happy to be trusted to run through the grass. It has been awhile since he has had this much energy.

 He smelled something here. I found a mole hole while weeding this area yesterday. Good to see him still want to hunt.

 I planted a small maple here and he sniffed, then marked it. This will always be known as Oscar's tree now ..... well, to me, anyway.

 Then we went to check on the progress at the pool. Oscar found a tool left behind. After sniffing, he marked it. Don't tell he who leaves his tools laying around.

 He peered over the side, being careful not to get too close. He is not fond of water. He will tunnel into the earth and crawl in to chase critters, but refuses to go into water willingly.

He was curious about the black sand left by the sand blaster. He was not curious enough to go down into the pool to check it out. He has not forgotten his unfortunate swimming adventure several years ago. Even without water in the pool, he will not go in.

After we ran and walked and Oscar marked so many things I lost count we walked to the front porch and he sat in my lap while I rocked a bit and thought about my sweet Emmy. I used to hold her like a baby in my arms and rock her. It was our special thing.

Oscar is not as easy to hold and refuses to lay on his back. He preferred standing in my lap with his front paws on my shoulders. It was awkward and after a bit his toenails were digging into my flesh. Oscar has never been cuddly. He is more of a demanding tyrant, but he did grace me with a lick to my chin.

He is all tuckered out now and sleeping by my side, still my handsome devil.


joanne said...

such a precious kind of love...I'm sure you are missing your sweet Emmy as I am my dear Gracie..heavy hearts all around.

SkippyMom said...

He certainly is a handsome fellow - and no, no I'm not partial to the breed at all, why do you ask? :wink:

It is good to see him out and about enjoying the sunshine and mown grass. I love when they "go on the hunt" - in Spot's case if she ever did actually catch something she would freak out and run away. Big baby. She is still a stalker tho'. Today it was a bird, [always good for a laugh] and this weekend it was a big fat bumble bee who, I swear, intentionally comes to our deck area when we are outside and flies just out of Spot's reach - back & forth, back & forth - never bothering us or coming in the house - just playing with the dog. It's a hoot.

Glad you had a good day Kathy. You needed one. :)

Linda O'Connell said...

NYMB is seeking dog stories. Oscar would be a prime candidate to write about, especially how he marked everything including hubby's tool. You could surely turn this blog post into a great story. And a tip to you, the Dog book is one of the first to go to press, shhh!

Lorenza said...

Sure it was a pleasure to walk around with him, right?
Thanks for sharing it!
Kisses and hugs