Thursday, December 29, 2011

Did I Hear That ?

Sipping coffee, half listening to the TV, I sat reading e-mail and feeding little old lady dog one morsel at a time when I heard the intro to the story about the 20 month old little girl that has been missing. I looked up to see the image of the child on the TV, then a statement was read that her father made. I gather that she was in his care when she went missing. Then they give the description of the clothes she was wearing and mention the cast on her arm. They go on to say that the broken arm was the result of an accident. Could be, kids do have accidents. But, then she goes missing.

So, I am then thinking of my own children and times in their lives when they had accidents happen that would have looked suspicious had they disappeared. The TV has my full attention now. The little girl is a little doll and I see the resemblance to the father. The parents aren't together and there is some talk about why the father has not given an interview to the media. A statement was offered in which he says that he is cooperating with law enforcement and is pleased with the efforts and then goes on to indicate that he doesn't want to add to the media circus. Says he put the child to bed and she was gone the next morning. Tastefully worded. Maybe he realizes he would not make a good impression and has wisely chosen to just release a statement. I don't know that I would even be able to be interviewed if my child was missing. Seems that the mother of the child is making a big deal about him "hiding".

Then, Matt Lauer interviews the child's mother. She is surprisingly calm. She seems to be more concerned about the father not talking to her than the fact that her baby is missing. She wants him to talk to her. She is not making a good impression with her appearance. She was in re-hab and the father was caring for the child. Matt asks her if she had anything to do with the disappearance of her baby. She doesn't appear to be disturbed by the question and replies in the negative. He then goes on to point out that she did not see the child for 2 weeks after being released from her stint in re-hab. She confirms this and then says that she saw her the first of November, then the 21st of November. She goes on to say that she was not filing for full custody, but was filing to get her parental rights restored ..........

 She implores the father to just talk to her. She says that she needs to talk to him because he was the last person to see her daughter alive. Really, she said that. Wonder where she is right this minute. The mother, not the child. Why would she say that ............ unless she knows.


colenic said...

This is occuring a couple of towns over from me and it amazes me. Both parents are "recovering" addicts and the whole thing is just plain strange. It is very sad that the people of the town are showing more convern for the child than the parents are. it is quite sad and I am hoping that they find her- although they called off the search for her this morning- which isn't a good sign..

Rae said...

I've been following that story in the news. Seems mighty suspicious to me. Maybe not, but it feels like the parents are hiding something. Everyday it is another child in the news. Society has gone berserk and it makes me sick the way children are treated as disposable objects. Good thing I am not a judge because I would be dolling out some serious punishment in these types of crimes - unlike the slap on the wrist that is given most of the time.

SkippyMom said...

I hate, hate, hate to say it, but the mother is sketchy with a capital S. Rehab or not, the woman was jonesing on national television. Not smooth.

And if my brother went missing every time he broke a bone [hit by a car, run over by a bike, run down by a teammate, jumped off the roof - I was witness to all] we would never have seen him growing up. Kids do have accidents, so that part doesn't worry me too much.

My thought/concern is with Casey Anthony getting off of murdering her daughter - every parent who just doesn't feel like being a parent anymore is going to try the same thing. It's sad.

I bet your puppers is in heaven sitting next to her Momma getting her tidbits. :D [I can just picture it. Are the boys jealous?]

ellen abbott said...

Kids do have accidents and get hurt no matter how politically incorrect that is these days, no matter how much you are supposed to wrap them in a big bubble so the little darlings won't ever get a boo boo. I don't blame the father one bit for not giving an interview. I wouldn't either. My pain is not for the consumption of the voyeuristic public.

Brian Miller said...

dang...yeah not good at all...people that do things to kids, ugh...parents...ugh...def a sad world in which we live...

squawmama said...

Can you say Casey Anthony ~ I hate that this is happening again... So suspicious the pair of them!!! This just makes me sick! How can people hurt a child ~ it's just not right.

Mamma has spoken said...

Hadn't heard of this case yet but think of the mother close to my area who moved into a trailer park full of sexual predators in order to take care of her dad. Then had one of the sexual predators take care of her daughter. Daughter went missing, found 'parts' of her in the sexual predator's frig.
Totally sick on both persons' parts..

jojo said...

there seems to be a rash of these types of cases lately. One in our area...a mom ran out of gas so pulled over to the side and walked an hour to the station. meanwhile she left her 20month old son in the car and he was gone when she came back. Seems she never really did run out of gas, bitter custody battle, she won't give a statement to the police and the dad is crawling through the streets and wooded areas looking for his son. Meanwhile...where is Sky?
So sad, and what a very odd thing to say...past tense. sickening.

Whitney Lee said...

I haven't heard of this one, but it sounds awful. Since becoming a parent I've discovered that it's better for me to avoid most of these stories.
Why does it seem there are so many of these stories lately? Is there an increase in these situations or is the public just hungry to hear about each one?

Erik's RV Blog said...

Ever watch the Twilight Zone from the early 60's? They did quite a few shows on how people react to situations and how people assume things for the worst or imagine it as the worst and make it happen.

I see parents of abducted kids doing interviews and many times they look suspicious and it turns out they were innocent and many times it turns out they were involved.

Either way it's impossible to tell during a TV interview because many times they are just bad parents who react badly and when interviewed interview badly.

I often see these interviews and comment to my wife how guilty the person looks. Then you see an interview where the parent is behaving as you would expect and later find out they were good actors because it turns out they did it.

Even when the parents don't show the concern we feel they should show or they act suspiciously it doesn't mean they did it.

Some people don't deserve to be parents, these two are very likely a pair that do not and I hope they didn't do something to their kid and that she turns up safe, but these cases rarely do unfortunately.

Wouldn't it be nice if lie detectors were 100% so you could test these people and know for sure if they're lying or not?

All that said if I was the father I would not give food for the media to use because then they take their analysts and pick every word apart to make people look worse than they possibly make themselves look.