Friday, September 2, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

 Ready or not, the holiday weekend is here. Our mower crapped out on us and we begged, borrowed and rented to get the grounds cut. Even my push mower died yesterday. I didn't get a chance to mow my side yard, but the hot dry weather has kept the grass low.

 I have tried to keep every thing watered. The sunflowers seem to like the hot days.

 The gourds are late this year, but have started climbing fences and blooming. These are just volunteers from last years crop. I didn't plant them.

 They are spreading at a rapid rate. I planted pumpkins, but they all died off in the heat despite the watering. That free mulch is coming in handy. There is lots of cedar in it and it smells wonderful when I walk through it ....... carefully, it will stick you in the toes if you are wearing sandals.

 My marigolds seem to thrive on neglect. I never water this particular spot.

 This garden is hard to water. It takes 100 feet of hose to even reach it. We need a good rain. Anybody out there know why my apple trees all lean to one side? And not in the same direction, either.

 My time pulling grass out the garden has paid off with some nice blooms!

 More volunteer gourds on the front porch rail.

 This sunflower is located right under the down spout hole on the gutter. That's right, I said hole. No actual down spout yet. These things take time, you know. I have an eye out for another rain barrel to sit in the spot now occupied by the sun flower. I really thought it would have been washed away by now.

 Baby gourd.

All set for the weekend ........ I hope. It is already interesting. Supposed to be near 100 today, so maybe it is the heat. A grown man just came in and bought some swim wings ....... for himself. I first thought that maybe he had a child he did not pay for, so I asked if he knew they were for toddlers. He said that he could make them work for him ...... he doesn't know how to swim. The pool is only 6 feet deep.


labbie1 said...

The sunflowers we planted last fall down here are just blooming--and they haven't been watered or tended at all! How about that???

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

looks lovely in spite of the heat! your gardens always look great.

SkippyMom said...

Your garden posts always make me smile. You are so talented. Love the sunflowers too.

Have a fun, safe and happy weekend.

ellen abbott said...

Like floaties for a toddler would keep him from drowning.

Have a good holiday.

squawmama said...

Now that was funny ~he should have just gotten a pool noodle and hung on to it... Your place looks great!
Have fun

Jo-Anne Rambling said...

Some great photos here and ok you can't swim but wtf using something for a toddler oh well there are some many strange people out there

Brian Miller said...

smiles. just think of all the wonderful stories that will come out of this weekend...ha. the gardens look great!