Monday, April 11, 2011

Zara Will Be Three!

Sugar and spice and everything nice .............. that is what little girls are made of. Smiling at her daddy. She is every bit as sweet as she looks. She was always the happy baby. Still easy going. She will celebrate her third year in May along with sister Jada. I am busy filling the suitcases with lots of girl dresses and birthday presents.

A baby doll to play with. The back pack comes with lots of accessories for the doll. No, I did not make it. I did not have time to construct a wardrobe for this doll. I would feel guilty, but I know that Zara won't be upset and that is all that matters.

Baby Zara likes to clean things. Perhaps she will have her own janitorial service one day. I will be leaving the broom here for her to use when she visits, I took it apart and it would fit in the suitcase. I just wonder what they would think it was on X-ray. Toys R Us has the whole set and I will just get it when I get there.

I always worry that my luggage will be chosen to inspect. I use space bags just to get everything to fit. If they released the vacuum in those bags .............. would they call me and ask me to try to get it all back in? Do they have a vacuum there? I can't help but ponder such things.

I made two sets of sister dresses and Zara will get hers, along with the capri set. I love this fabric and she is the only one young enough to enjoy prints like this. They grow up so fast. I am looking forward to holding her tomorrow. If she will let me. She is a very busy girl.


houndstooth said...

She is one little cutie! Enjoy your visit!

Brian Miller said... all the bright colors in the capri set...

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

awwww.... how sweet. if my daughter has a baby girl, i may call on you to create something special for me. (no, haven't forgotten the sock monkey - life is screwy around here.)

Whitney Lee said...

That print is so happy! Wait until bedtime; they'll always let you hold them then.

My daughter loves to clean too. I'm taking advantage of it while it lasts;)

Cathy said...

Hello Kathy
Haven't been to visit for a while but have kept up to date with all the comings and goings - hope you enjoy your trip to see 'the girls'.
I think after the winter you've had cuddles all round will be a necessary task while you are there.
Enjoy your visit and come home thinking about all your visitors who will be arriving soon lol
Take care

Pat said...

She will look adorable in that outfit you made her! Have fun visiting your grandchildren!

Venom said...

Gotta luv a kid who likes to clean. Easy to exploit them.
I SO want some of those spacebags but haven't seen them in my area. I'd like to pack a7=8l .6ubby's golf shit in a big one just to see his face. I'm cute that way (he thinks).

Nancy said...

So cute, and she is so sweet. I'm off this weekend to visit my family as well. I will be hauling a big rock for my daughter's birthday and two bottles of hot sauce from Hawaii to confuse the people x-raying my luggage.

labbie1 said...

Venom--those space bags are at Wal-Mart, Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, Linens and things and I think I even saw them at Home Depot and Menards!!!!

I LOVE that capri set!!!!