Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Life Of The Party

This is what we all looked like at the end of the evening ......... If you look closely, you will see that the champagne is frozen! We were going to toast in the new year at 10 o'clock (this is what happens when you get old, okay). Yvonne had put the champagne on ice ...... in the freezer, and it froze! This is top drawer stuff, people.

I spent the day getting everything all spiffed up. This is a Christmas Frog. Really. He is.

Mr. Snowman of long long legs is overlooking all my preparations and assures me I have cleaned everything and all is ready.

I believe I am ready. I want to wow them all with my clean, clean house. I did not have time to hang my picture that proclaims "DULL WOMEN HAVE IMMACULATE HOUSES" . It is true!

I proudly display my brand new winter dishes. New to me. I bought them at a consignment store. Forty-five pieces for a mere $25!!! Shopping with Yvonne is so much fun. Our two men disagree, saying they can't afford all the money we save. More about those two later.

My friend, Yvonne. Always laughing and talking ............... and pointing out the spot I missed in my cleaning marathon.

Oopsie ........ missed a spot. Or two.

While I am dusting in my tiara, someone dares to grab my camera.

Jim got a wii for Christmas. Set it up in the store. Drew is getting a tutorial, I think. This is his paying attention look. Really, it is. I know, cause this is the way he looks when I am explaining what I want him to do. Jim, forget it, he is not listening.

Back to the title. Here we have the life of the party. He started out watching a ballgame (he is not particular about which kind of ball game) with his side-kick Johnny. Johnny abandoned him when he started to snore. We all took turns coming in to listen. Crazy Tom can really saw some logs, we all believe you now, Martha!
We all started talking about snoring and remedies. Crazy Tom refuses to use a C-Pap machine. Almost in unison, Yvonne and I suggest the Neti pot. Yvonne is the Neti expert. She went so far as to go get a kit for me. I am a Neti enthusiast now. While I was at my daughters I had her buy one for my grandson. He has my allergies. Just the other night he told me on the phone that his mom had a cold and he was getting the Neti pot ready for her!
Martha said it sounded like a form of water boarding and wondered how it would work on a sleeping, snoring man .............

He woke up and prevented telling us any secrets through the torture of the Neti pot.

When I say "we", I am, of course excluding the two men bowling. All night. They did take a food break. Did they ask any of the rest of us if we would like to challenge them? No. Wii hogs.

We ended up talking and laughing all night. No parlour games. I couldn't seem to locate mine. I am sure it is here. Somewhere. Right where I forgot I put it. I will launch a search party. Later.

We all laughed and talked and saw this.

Laughed, talked and ate. Told stories. Our best story teller, Crazy Tom, the life of the party was missing. He snored so loud my dogs abandoned him. And my dogs love to snuggle up on the couch with a warm body.

Made himself at home, the life of the party. That's okay, we are all like family here. Miss Martha and Crazy Tom, Sue and her Johnny, Mary, Yvonne and Jim. We missed all those who couldn't be with us for one reason or another. Happy New Year my friends.

P.S. For the party from a dog's perspective, click on "Letters To Gavin". More pictures there and the party through the eyes of Wall-E, the wonder dog.


squawmama said...

Looks lIke you all really had a good time... I have been wanting to try a Neti Pot but haven't. You have convinced me to go get it! We also love the wii however we do share... LOL LOL We palyed all of Christmas and a lot of New Years day. Have fun!!!

Deep in the Heart of Happy said...

I wish I could have been there partying with you guys.

Happy New Year's to another year together!

LOVE the photo of your smiling face!

Anonymous said...

Fun, fun photos! My hubby loves Wii games! Wishing you all a very happy new year!

Brian Miller said...

ha. looks like a lot of fun...we got a wii for christmas as well...nice tiara

houndstooth said...

We had a good giggle at Wall E's post earlier! I'd have been awfully, awfully tempted to play some sort of prank on the life of the party, though! lol It looks like a good time was had by all!

Mamma has spoken said...

I am with your life of the party, asleep on the couch new year's eve....

Venom said...

Betcha Crazy Tom tells everyone what a great party you throw Kathy!

Actually, the fact that he feels at home with you says a great deal.

Happy New Year Kathy!

ps. tea kettle up the nose? Gross. jmho.

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

looks like you had loads of fun. i've got a squeeze bottle that i use. can't figure out how i'd tilt my head to use the pot - afraid i'd end up with it in my lungs or swallowing it. yuck!!! the bottle i just squeeze in one side and it flows out the other side (leaning over the sink). it works wonders and has really helped me. i can't get my son to try it though.

SkippyMom said...

I don't know WHICH holiday I want to come and stay at the campground for! You have such fun at all of them.

Tom is my favorite. Bless his heart. What a good sport!

Happy New Year Kathy and thank you so, so much for sharing ::big smile::

lovelyprism said...

Looks like fun! Happy New Year!

Marla said...

Everything looked beautiful Kathy. You always have so much fun. One of these days, I hope to make it your way. I have a feeling it would be a blast.

labbie1 said...

It was a good time and the frozen champagne thawed out just in time for breakfast Mimosas with the gang! Kathy is a wonderful host!

German said...

Wow!! lovely blog post.and I wish I could have been there partying with you guys.Happy New Year's to another year together!LOVE the photo of your smiling face!

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