Friday, January 8, 2010

Frozen Pipes

Look at that adorable face......... melts your heart, doesn't it? Wish it would melt the frozen pipes!
The frozen pipes ........... well ...... they burst. Still don't have hot water in the bathroom. Now I have no water ....... anywhere.

What I do have is a hole in the ceiling. Lovely, don't you think?

Though she is trying to comfort me, it isn't working. She is sympathetic, but she is still just lying on the couch all snug and warm next to her husband dog, Oscar. Emmy is a love, and she does bring a smile to my face ......... but what good would crying do?

Oscar and Wall-E just wish I would leave them to their nap. No help from these two.

They have stolen my place to sit and the blankets as well.

Wall-E has the grace to appear sad for my current situation. Still, he is just lying around ..... no doubt happy that no water means no bath for him.

Yep, there they are. Content with their world and the fact that my feet are so cold all I want to do is curl up on the sofa with them and disappear into the land of blog.
In the land of blog there is no need for running water, baths, toilets that flush. Just electricity and if I lose that ................. it won't be pleasant. In the land of blog I can escape from the gaping hole in the ceiling and all that it entails. The cold air coming into the already not so warm room is keeping my toes cold. In the land of blog my husband doesn't ask me to prepare food (tacos) and while the food is being prepared decide to grab a saw and cut through the PVC pipe in the ceiling adjacent to the stove .......... while the food is cooking with no lid on the pan. In the land of blog, one is not required to wonder if PVC shavings are garnishing their tacos. In the land of blog I can try to forget that I have not had a shower in three days because I am loathe to go outside to the bathhouse and take a nice hot shower only to walk through the frozen tundra to re-enter the not so warm house. In the land of blog I can vent all my frustrations.
Is this why bears hibernate? So that Mrs. Bear doesn't kill Mr. Bear for not doing some preventative maintenance when Mrs. Bear suggests it? It is hard to be mad while you are sleeping ...... I think. I have noticed some new frown lines on my face and I have been grinding my teeth in my sleep .......... Just want a nice hot shower and warm toes, that's all.


Kathy G said...

Poor you! I would make Love of Your Life drive you to the bathhouse, wait for you to shower, and then drive you back home. Least he could do.

SkippyMom said...

I am so sorry Kathy - between the water and your husband deciding right THEN to use a saw, over dinner? I would've given him the PVC tacos and had a PB&J. How in the heck do you cook/clean without water anyway?

I appreciate you desire to not be cold on the way back from the bathhouse, but appreciate, at least, you have the ability to bath in hot water. It really is a blessing.

And I agree with Kathy - drive over. Get a shower - you will feel better.

Hope the pipes are fixed soon. [Although I don't mind all the pics of the pups - too cute]

Mamma has spoken said...

Three days without a shower is a long time. Agree with the others, drive to the bathouse and grab a nice, long hot shower. The have hubby drive you home to a nice warm blanket to curl up into. Oh and let him get the firewood for the night too.

houndstooth said...

I sense a very cold night on the couch for your husband!

Brian Miller said...

yikes! so sorry...this is horrible. just happened to a friend of mine last weekend...stay warm!

Masala Chica said...

Kathy - that sucks! I really hope the pipes get fixed soon. I am shivering for you.

Hang in there - that is so, so rough.

Even your pups look cold!
Wishing you warmth ASAP!

Kathy's Klothesline said...

Okay, everybody. I am prone to dramatics. First of all the shower rooms are attached to my building. I just don't want to drag all my stuff out and then trudge through the snow and get cold again. And lest you are wondering about my lack of hygiene ...... I have been taking a sponge bath and washing my hair, brushing my teeth, etc. Just would prefer the nice long shower to warm me up.
Love of my life is equally miserable and I won't make him sleep on the sofa ....... his body will generate heat!

ellen abbott said...

Oh that totally sucks. We've been turning the water off at night to prevent that. Hope the cold lets up on you and you get the repairs done quickly.

jojo said...

I feel so bad for you, in fact I'm shivering at the thought! Take care and stay's hoping for a hot water fix soon...jj

Kelly L said...

I feel so sorry for you - I hate the cold. Hope you have a nice warm shower, a nice warm home, and no PVC shavings in your tacos.. soon. The picture of the snow is beautiful but looks so cold..

Love to you.

Eternally Distracted said...

Argh, at least blogland is offering you some welcome distraction. I hope that those toes are warming as we 'speak'!

Nancy said...

Oh man, I don't blame you one bit! Ghaaa - water, and hot water are necessary for happiness! Hang in there and just read blogs all day. Why not? Can't clean.

Word Designer said...

Brrrrr! Wish I could send you some warm and water. Our froze this morning, too. Call in all the furry friends and love of your life and everyone get warm.

Word Designer

The Good Cook said...

GAWD - the entire country is freezing... hope you get your hot water soon!

Alix said...

There is nothing more comforting than a pile of dogs... especially Doxies! Got one snugged up to me right now.

But the burst pipes! Oh shit! I am so sorry. And it's cold and miserable and you already have so much going on. Man.

I'd invite you to Florida... but we're not doing much better right now. Come anyway! What the heck!

lifein3dee said...

Ugh. So sorry the pipes burst. Hope it's fixed soon.

Iowa Gardening Woman said...

Isn't this winter something else?? Hope you have the hole in your ceiling fixed and have hot water and cold water to drink and warm toes by now.

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

Your fur-babies are so cute. They're keeping the spot warm for you.

Pat said...

You poor baby. I think there's room for you on the couch - just surround yourself with those warm puppies!

How was the new garnish of pvc pipe on the tacos? Not for the faint of heart I suppose!