Wednesday, November 18, 2020

All About Little Things

 I don't know if I mentioned that after we submitted our votes for the presidential election and a whole lot of other stuff that I had quickly researched in order to be able to cast an intelligent vote, we made a stop in the way home and bought a diesel pusher.

A little investment for the future. I am quite pleased with our purchase and should be out there right now, cleaning out the Class C and getting it ready to sell. My new rig is in excellent shape. Previous owners were sticklers for cleanliness. Although it does have some features I am not happy with, they can easily be changed.

The carpet has to go. Dachshunds, whether neutered or not, feel the need to mark territory. Mr. BoJangles, though not a dachshund, tends to follow Eddie's example of what to do. The "kitchen" area has ceramic tile already, so I will be looking for something to either match it or compliment it. The tile leads into the bathroom, so only the area between the couches and the driving area needs to be addressed, as well as the bedroom. Not much floor to cover, in any event.

If you have ever owned a motor home (or two, or three, maybe four?), you will definitely have some ideas about what you DON'T want in the next one you buy. We have had booths and we have had the table with chairs. I prefer the booth. The booth seats can double as storage. Not to mention the fact that you have to lock the chairs down every time you move the RV. My new booth seats have drawers and that makes me happy. Other booths we have had required that you lift the cushion out to access the storage. These drawers are big! I could put the dogs to bed in them! Well, I could try. Bo sleeps happily in a kennel, but the other three sleep with me.

The other feature that leaves me wanting more is the bed. It is a queen. This queen and her faithful four legged servants were not meant to sleep in a small bed with the king. Fortunately there are two sofas that jack-knife into beds. HeWho can choose the one that suits him. You didn't think I was going to give up the bed, did you?

Above all that, this came fully furnished with dishes, pots and pans. Towels, sheets, etc. I tend to think that the previous owner wasn't so generous as he was lazy and just didn't want to move all that stuff. He will, no doubt, agree with me!!

Of course, I already have enough of that sort of thing at my disposal, You will recall that we left a five bedroom house and a cabin up north when we came here. We also had a big motorhome, as well. I hate the thought of cleaning out the Class C. Some of the stuff will go in the new rig, of course, but I will just donate the excess.

There is one thing that I got really excited about ... it has a shampoo and body wash dispenser in the shower!!! It really is the little things, you know!


Joanne Noragon said...

Happy travelling to see the family!

River said...

A motor home! I was wondering what a diesel pusher was.

Leslie said...

My parents thought they wanted the table and chairs when they bought their first 5th wheel trailer. When they ordered the second one they went back to booth. My mom said the table and chair setup sounded more versatile but ended up being a pain to get in and out of.

Val said...

Will the dogs get their bath in the shower? That could be entertaining!