Sunday, May 24, 2020

When You Need A Haircut ....

Hey Debby, come see us, we allow pop-ups!! Don't worry about that muskrat, he is as smart as the Charlie the catfish.

It is Sunday, only one more day to go. The forecast for this weekend was dismal, but it has been the nicest weather so far. Only a few bouts of overcast skies and today will be sunny and in the 80's. Despite several cancellations, I have been almost full each night.

Travelers appreciate those sites that were cancelled. Most campers have obeyed my wearing a mask inside my store rule. I have given out masks to those who had none and I will go outside to assist those who refuse my offer of a mask. 

Only one camper was truly obnoxious about the mask. I went outside and he could not seem to stay out of my personal space, much to my absolute annoyance. He went so far as to touch my arm to share his belief that this Covid 19 "situation" is a hoax the Democrats thought up. When I asked why people were dying, his answer was the hospitals were using it to scam the government by putting Covid 19 on the death certificates …… because this would net them $18,000 per death.

Since he felt so comfortable sharing his beliefs with me, I shared my belief that I though he was crazy. I followed that by saying I didn't want to hear his beliefs anymore than he wanted to hear mine and that if it was going to be a problem, he might not want to stay and that would be okay. He stayed. He hasn't shared any more theories with me.

HeWho will sometimes object to things that I say. I was tired and the guy really bugged me by touching my arm. I didn't knock him to the ground and mask him, did I? I merely used my words. There is always one problem person in a crowd. I think that might be a rule.

As the sun went down yesterday, I stepped outside to watch dog walkers and bike riders enjoy the evening. I had many compliments on my gardens. I do like praise!! One gentleman was quite taken with my buttercups. Pictures don't quite capture just how stunning they are. He asked for a small plant to take home and I dug up a few for him this morning. The spread rapidly. I started with just one plant from a friend.

Cujo and Eddie have expressed their displeasure with me by waking me extra early. 5:30 am is just too early, but I was afraid to go back to bed, fearing I might not wake up until noon!! I got a short nap yesterday and did sleep until 7 this morning. I still think a nap is in my future today!

I need a haircut. I was in need of a hair cut when I went into the hospital the first of March and I REALLY need a haircut now. Or, I did. Yesterday before I jumped into the shower I stood in front of the mirror with scissors and cut my own hair. No, I will not be posting a picture. The front looks okay, I just followed the line of the previous hair cut and chopped the same amount off each section. 

I couldn't see the back of my head. I just grabbed up chunks and cut what I hoped was about the same length I cut from the front. It feels a lot better. I have asked others how it looks in the back. It is either okay or they are afraid to tell me the truth. 


Jim Davis said...

Your campground is really quite lovely, enjoyed your pictures on your previous post. Regarding your obnoxious camper who refused a mask, I have heard a lot of monumentally stupid statements about Covid-19 being a hoax, but that one is truly a special kind of stupid. You handled him well.

ellen abbott said...

it's amazing that the people who scream the loudest about their rights being abrogated (as if they knew what that word means) by being asked to wear a mask have no problem ignoring your rights.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

It must be frustrating having to deal with such customers and people who are idiots and covid 19 brings out so many idiots

Val said...

I'm guessing that guy didn't have 6-foot arms. He was TOO close! Touching you is not okay ANY TIME! I wonder what would have happened if you had released your hounds. Surely they would have sensed how displeased you were with that nincompoop.

River said...

I remember when I cut my hair, years ago now, I used a hand mirror so reflect the back of my head, then I could see any bits that were still hanging longer than the others. I'd first cut along the collar of my shirt. I have curly/wavy hair so any bits that aren't exactly even will curl up after washing and not be noticeable. With my fringe (bangs) I used to cut straight across the top of the glasses frames. Now I don't bother anymore and my hair is floating around just past my shoulders and I'm growing out the fringe too.
I hate people who insist on getting into your personal space and at the same time believe the whole Covid-19 is fake and a conspiracy.

Linda O'Connell said...

People! I don't know how you maintained your composure with the "handy man." Should have reminded him not to lick anything!

My hair is hovering at my neckline, not my usual length! I may just see how low it will go.

Your campground is very inviting. It rained like a all blazes here. I do beleieve the sun has reappeared for today's adventures. Better get a move on.