Monday, October 14, 2019

99.9 % Of The Time

I don't often make mistakes, but when I do, I like to brag about them. 

Today is Columbus Day, I think. This is one of those holidays that are just inconvenient. The mail does not run and the banks are not open. School is out, but that does not really bother me, as I have no intention of venturing out into the world. I would be willing to bet that most people under 30 have no idea who Columbus is and why he deserves a day of recognition.

Anyhoo, the phone woke me. It was McDonalds. They need change. I always have an abundance of quarters and ones, so I don't mind selling them. But, as we all should know by now, I am not pleasant until I have had some coffee and a few minutes of quiet to start the day. I don't paper roll my coins, since the bank prefers that you don't. This created a conundrum for them, as they wanted 10 rolls of quarters. When I told her they were not rolled, she said she would get rolls.

In an effort to help me and shield the world from my morning crabbiness, HeWho frequents McDonalds, was counting out the quarters. That was fine and he was being helpful. But his solution was to grab 10 of my quart ziplock bags and proceed to count out $10 per bag. "What are you doing?" asks the crabby wife. "Why are you using up all my bags?" Why, indeed! 

First of all, why use the quart size when there are smaller bags (snack size) in the same cabinet right next to the box he pulled them from? I suppose I should just be happy he didn't use the gallon size. When I asked why he was using 10 bags, he was making it easier for her to put them in rolls. Such a nice guy, that one. I suggested he put all the quarters in ONE bag and not give away all my bags, lest I need them for my own use, She will be counting them anyway.

So, you might be wondering what mistake I referred to making that I seemed to be so happy to share … I am getting there, just wanted to share my morning annoyance. Yesterday I was charting out the parking arrangements for the last two weekends of this month. Things were going smoothly until I noticed a reservation with no name!!

All the required information was there, credit card info, electric requirements and even the phone number, just no name. I did it, it was my handwriting. HeWho is not allowed to answer the phone or make reservations cannot be blamed. It was me. So, I made a note to myself to call the number I carefully recorded. No, that is wrong, the entire entry was scribbled. Means I was distracted by something at the time.

Before I could call the number, the number called me! She was just verifying her reservation. Of course I could not find her name, so I asked what kind of site she would need and put her name down. Since I had obviously made a mistake, I did not ask for her credit card info again, just her phone number.

I started laughing and shared with her what had happened. It should make all of you happy to know that I am not always right. Just 99.9% of the time.


Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Here coins are not usually rolled anymore, they are bagged in small ziplock bags.
We all make those silly little mistakes

Val said...

My mouth is still hanging open considering the fact that McDonald's calls YOU for change!

River said...

I take my coins to the bank when I have enough, I save them up just for that purpose. I get the little coin bags from the bank and drop in my change, separate coins per bag, no mixed denominations allowed, until I have $10 per bag, which then goes to the bank. I tried taking them to the local supermarket once, but they prefer their coins in $4 lots and even then don't like me bringing them. I remember happily taking coins from customers when I worked a checkout as it meant I didn't have to call the supervisor for change from the machine so often.